U Run It review

U Run It review

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U Run It is a decentralized gambling platform, based on the block system, where a fair game will be provided through a unique balanced functionality, and the players themselves will manage and control.

Interesting fact. The market of gambling is comparable in volume with some leading branches - for example, coal mining or construction. Do you not believe me? According to leading analysts, the volume of the gambling market is 81 billion US dollars. Most of these funds in gambling - this online gambling. A huge market, great opportunities.

It is worth noting that more than 80% of the structures that administer online gambling are fraudulent in the real sense. Those. mechanism of online gambling (developers, administrators) is set to the smallest percentage of winnings. This became possible, of course, only because of the complete lack of control by users of these services. Under such conditions, many users are disappointed in online gambling, trust is lost. Agree that when the winning percentage is 5-10-15% of winnings, the opportunity to win is almost miserable - this cannot be an inspiring factor.

Quite big problems arise for clients and with the withdrawal of the funds won. There are unclear restrictions on the withdrawal of funds - minimum and maximum amounts for withdrawal, quarantine of funds, etc.

In U Run It ICO, the user gets the opportunity to participate in online gambling, the integrity of which is controlled by the platform and users, in fact, the functionality excludes the possibility of fraud. The user has the opportunity to acquire the right to play the game and to attract third parties (friends, acquaintances, colleagues or just strangers) for the game, having earned on it. The more active the user, the higher the rating he gets. The rating can be monetized, i.е. he can sell his rating to other players in the platform (fixed price, auction or lottery), as well as expose his rating or part of it as a bet in any game. Blokchain provides security settings and storage of user information, virtually eliminates the possibility of interference by third parties in the settings of games.

Of course, all gaming activities in the U Run It platform are based on operations with the internal token.

U Run It establishes an initially understandable algorithm, 70% of all URUN tokens that participate in the game turn within the platform, will be distributed on a daily basis as winnings (jackpots). Those. 70% of those participating in the games in the U Run It platform will definitely win. This is a fairly honest proposal. 

The mechanism of the U Run It platform consists of the following elements (modules).

Are common:

  • Games module.
  • The module of advanced private games.
  • SDK module.
  • API - absolutely open source code.
  • SandBox.
  • Blocking integration and synchronization .


  • Control module.
  • Analysts.
  • Protection and safety module.
  • Module for input, output, exchange and monetization of the URUN token.


Because the work and operation of the U Run It platform is based on the functioning of the internal URUN token, directly to it it will receiving in gamblings, wins,  crypto-currencies exchanges or monetized/withdrawn from the system. The developers of the U Run It platform indicated that the minimum bet amounts will be set by the users of the game that administer them, but there are no restrictions on the withdrawal of funds at all. The pre-set volume of 70% of the winnings, provides a large percentage of winnings for users. This has already generated a great demand for URUN tokens. The rules and regulations of the U Run It platform are detailed in detail, which excludes any opportunities for fraud in games and tokens URUN. The URUN token will participate through exchange services in crypto-exchange operations. In our opinion, this project and the above-mentioned installed mechanisms of the U Run It platform provide a large level of tokenization of the project. The rate level of the token is now stable and has every reason to grow. 


At the moment, judging from the information posted on the official resource of the U Run It platform: Q3 2017 - carried out market research, developed a platform concept; Q 4 2017 - confirmation of the players' interest in the U Run It platform; the project successfully completed the development of the U Run It platform itself, a smart contract was developed. The marketing policy for the promotion of the U Run It platform has been launched and is being implemented. Preliminary sale of the URUN token started on May 15, 2018, the preliminary ICO started on July 1, 2018. It should be noted that these events were successfully implemented. The demand for a URUN token exceeds the U Run It offers. 

From September 1, U Run It begins implementation of the ICO, namely stage Q 3 - the URUN token will begin free crypto exchange. 

U Run It still has a long way to go Q4 2018, Q1 2019-Q3 2010 - obtaining licenses and permissions, launching alpha and beta versions, integration with other platforms, bookmaking functions, etc. 

URUN token

Nominally set course 1 URUN = 0.00125 ETH or, in other words, 800 URUN for 1 ETH. 

Total volume of the issue of tokens 80 000 000 URUN

The total volume of tokens intended for sale is 60,000,000 URUN

Soft Cap - 4 000 000 URUN

Hard Cap - 60 000 000 URUN

The URUN token is sold automatically in ETH. And other crypto-currencies, for example - XRP, DASH, ZCL, ATB, BNT, BTC, LTC, STX - in manual mode. 

A large number have already been sold at the pre-sale stage and the preliminary ICO. The objectives of pre-sale are fully achieved.

It is determined that 75% of URUN tokens are intended for public sale, 7% for platform development, 6% for founders, 5% for team, 2% for advisers, 5% for bounty program. 

It is indicated that the volume of URUN tokens intended for founders is frozen for 2 years, for the team for 1 year. 

Given the huge demand, the conditions and distribution of tokens are perfectly implemented. The maximum number of URUN tokens will be in the game turnover. 

Project Team and Legal Framework

Even the site U Run It.io shows a serious approach to the organization of ICO and the ongoing work on the creation of the platform U Run It. 

The project team is represented by 3 founders of this project. Roman Grushkovsky is a software developer, an entrepreneur with a team management. Max Vashchuk - provides marketing, worked in large companies in Ukraine. Leonid Rubin - operational director and developer. All other employees of U Run It, in our opinion, are highly qualified, their functions are often understandable and justified. All employees have pages in LinkedIn.

U Run It has 13 advisers. Among them there are no known personalities of cryptomir, but they are all specialized specialists in their fields - software development, gambling. All the profiles in LinkedIn are indicated, the connection with the project can be traced. In our opinion, a narrow specialization is a good approach that improves the capabilities of the launched platform, the internal URUN token.

The team has experience and leadership in the following major companies: Microsoft, Hp, Matrix, NYSE, Morgan Stanley, Visa, Bforex, Anyoption, Orange and others. 

The partners of the project include the following partners: Bancor, Latoken, TokenDesk, ZCL, Anon, Stox, TechInForm, B2B Slots, Gold Ford. 

The U Run It platform and the URUN token are implemented by U Run It Limited (CN: 2666919) (NO.5, 17 / F BONHAM TRADE CENTER, 50 BONHAM STRAND, SHEUNG WAN HONG KONG). 

All legal and technical basic documents are superbly prescribed -

  • WP
  • Presentation
  • OnePager
  • Agreement on the sale of the token
  • Conditions
  • Policy 

The project is well represented and actively works in social networks. Please look for links on the project website. 

Of the minuses

From the minuses of U Run It it can be noted that as of the moment there has not been released even a preview of the platform. Despite the apparent willingness of the project to implement this. 


The U Run It platform, it can be argued, has already been successfully implemented by the ICO. All the regulations and instructions are perfectly worked out. The legal component of the project is ideal. The demand for a URUN token is huge. The gambling market is growing and will grow in the near future. High quality and trust from the side of crypto-investors. 

U Run It ICO Rating

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