TradeTex Exchange: clear rules and profit are above all

TradeTex Exchange: clear rules and profit are above all

Key Information

  • Crowdsale Token Price: 1.00 USD
  • Hard Cap: $8,000,000
  • Crowdsale Date: 2018-08-03 - 2018-11-24 (In 3 phases)
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Cryptocurrency exchanges are developing actively at the moment, and among the ICO proposals there are some projects in this area. What’s so good about such a system of interaction between buyers and sellers of virtual assets? What can the developers of these products offer?


TradeTex is a unique start-up. ICO is launched to create a completely autonomous exchange system, which gives such advantages as complete independence from monopolists. The structure is based on the principle of blockchain technology. It allows each cryptocurrency owner to be involved in the overall process, store and transfer information, and operate with financial flows. Participants' assets are reliably protected from hacking and other external influences, for example, sanctions or state politics. In addition, the advantages of decentralization and the absence of fee payments TradeTex has a number of other properties necessary for cryptocurrency operations: 


  • Zero Commission for Long Term Trading 

Zero fee will significantly save money on carrying out transactions during Long Term Trading to participants of any level. When the operation Margin Trading is making, one need to pay only 2 TDX, and these costs are distributed among all members at the end of each quarter.


  • BuyBack and withdrawal at any time


Each bidder withdraws its funds or uses the buyback procedure regardless of the situation on the market. In order to withdraw their assets, no additional explanations and good reasons are required. You can return your tokens at any time.


  • Favorable investment plans


The investment scheme associated with the TDX tokens implies the return of these assets to the company. As a result of this planning, the share may increase from 20 to 40%. Thus, the company will receive more dividends on a quarterly basis.


  • A functioning website and a reliable blockchain


TradeTex services were available even before the launch of ICO! The platform is working right now and anyone can test its advantages. In its work, the exchange uses the Ethereum blockchain system, and does not conduct risky experiments with other ones. Proof-of-Work (PoW)  is the best decision for today and TradeTex involves it.


TDX token

The native monetary unit of the project is a TDX token, the initial price of which is equivalent to 0.5 USD. In the future, it is expected that this cryptocurrency will enter the market and be on an equal footing with the already available digital assets and be exchanged for fiat money, giving profits to its holders. The developers did not refuse from the general trend and presented this coin model on the traditional Ethereum platform. In other words, it's about the ERC20 standard. It allows you to store tokens in any ETH purse and even use cold storage in the form of hardware devices. To crown it all, the TDX platform involves the creation of individual wallets on its basis. Tokens are issued in the total amount of 35 million.


Among the positive sides of the exchange it is worth noting that the main financial unit of the platform is its TDX token. In other words, the coin is used to pay fees and participates in investment campaigns, including Staking, Altcoin Mining, Trading and deposits. Enabling the token as the basic unit of calculation makes it possible to avoid additional checks by bodies such as KYC / AML. Thus, the confidentiality of personal data will be respected, and hackers and those who collect information about cryptocurrency users are less likely to invade the private financial space. This, in turn, will provide additional protection against burglaries and theft.


The Team

The TradeTex team consists of more than 7 dozens professionals who have extensive experience in implementing new technologies, thoroughly know the blockchain system and cryptocurrency. That's why experts believe that TradeTex has every chance of becoming the number one exchange in the world.


Co-founder and CEO's name is Robb Williams. He was educated in Switzerland, in particular, has a diploma of IMD Business School. Among the tasks that Williams sets for himself and his team, there are the development of decentralized exchanges, the improvement of management and the functionality of such services.


David Forrer combines two posts on the TradeTex project. The first is related to the management of the technical department: Forrer is the Chief Technical Officer. The second work relates directly to the blockchain and its development special for the crypto exchange.


Stephaney Taylor is responsible for marketing, PR, project promotion and business development. The specialist was trained at the Australian MGSM School and has not only knowledge in these areas, but also experience in leadership positions, has the skills of building a marketing strategy and interacting with clients.