Top 5 best ICO projects at the beginning of 2018

Top 5 best ICO projects at the beginning of  2018

The growth of the market this year is expected, and therefore do not neglect participation in the best ICO, especially in those where early investors are expected to a large income. So, let's look at five ICO projects appeared on a token market at the beginning of 2018, which in our opinion can bring substantial returns to investors immediately upon entering the stock exchanges.

Table of content

  • Stack
  • Metronome
  • Bluzelle
  • Nucleus Vision
  • GoNetwork
  • Conclusion

In the course of 2017 several hundred projects were issued at the ICO, and dozens of them have already brought their investors a decent profit. However, in order to become a successful crypto investor, you need to be well-oriented in the topic.

At a minimum, you need to regularly perform the following actions:

  • to follow the news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain-projects;
  • to study thematic sites;
  • to read posts and communicate with like-minded people on forums.

Investments in ICO still remain venture capital, and each investor must consider possible risks:

The project can be fraudulent and scamper (even if initially it inspired confidence).
The product is unclaimed, and the company does not receive profits after its launch. Accordingly, the rate of cryptocurrency on the exchanges is falling.
The project was promising, but the funds raised were not enough to implement the concept, and so on.
Remember that in the cryptocurrency market you can both increase the invested amount of currency and completely lose everything to the last satoshі, and therefore, it is worth investing in ICO only what is not sorry to lose.

1. Stack

Crypto community needs gateways, which will provide an easy and safe way to make purchases and payments by cryptocurrency at points of sale of goods and services. Today, there are several not developed solutions to this problem on the market. As is known, Visa and MasterCard negatively concern that cryptocurrency can be paid through their payment system by issuing debit cards. Projects such as TenX, Monaco, Centra are trying to adjust to the requirements of payment systems, but until now they have not been able to fully implement such solutions. Their prepaid cards have at least limitations in use. And yet, the market capitalization of TenX is $ 520 million, and Monaco $ 250 million. A company that provides a full-fledged safe and simple payment service using cryptocurrency will obviously instantly cost more than $ 1 billion.

The Canadian innovative company has developed the STACK platform, offering its customers the ability to make payments through POS-terminals at 33 million places of sales around the world using the STK token and mobile application on a smartphone.

STACK also announced the signing of a partnership with MasterCard.
During 2018, STACK intends to provide an opportunity from its STACK cryptocurrency purse to make payments using STK tokens in POS terminals of Canadian, US and European sales points.

2. Metronome

So far, no one has been able to implement cross-chain solutions that will help to exchange tokens and coins between blockchains safely and easily. With great difficulty there are so-called atomic swaps, no one has a working product and each project (Litecoin, Komodo) who carried out the swap, loudly declare this, considering one of their major achievements.

The Metronome project has been dealing with this problem for a whole year and many analysts and market experts believe that this startup will cope with this task faster than anyone else. The prerequisite for this is a powerful team of BloqLabs led by the project's founder Jeff Garzik, who was previously one of Bitcoin key developers.
Already cross-grade working solutions are expected between Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Qtum and Roodstock (a special protocol for the Bitcoin network).

3. Bluzelle

This is one of the best ICO projects of a decentralized database on the blockсhain, to which any PC owner can connect. Leasing a place on your PC, you can earn tokens of the BLZ project, and consumers of the product will pay for placing information and data in the project system.

Bluzelle can be remotely compared to Substratum with a capitalization of $ 250 million. Such projects are generally favorably evaluated by the crypto community, and tokens willingly break through on the top exchanges, which ensures stable demand, liquidity and growth of the token capitalization.

4. Nucleus Vision

Created by Indian graduates of Harvard, the NUCLEUS project is a complex technological solution that will be able to identify the preferences of potential customers by using special sensors that interact with mobile phones of buyers in real time.

Currently, NUCLEUS has a working product that runs in 10 retail stores in India. In simple terms, the IOT project solutions will read and write down your actions when you visit the store where the sensors will be installed: a shelf you go to, product you choose or just interested in. Your interest will be fixed, processed and in the future the seller will be able to make you a targeted offer based on your preferences. The collected data on the preferences of the mass consumer can then be sold for the project tokens. Thus, the prospects for the growth of the project, if the working product will be released, will be great, since such a product is needed by everyone who works with mass consumers. The project team captures great interest from retail and telecommunications companies.

For example, this year NUCLEUS plans to expand into the US and other Asian countries, equip 100,000 stores with its sensors.
Also, NUCLEUS is preparing solutions for NUCLEUS Home, NUCLEUS Cars, NUCLEUS Health, NUCLEUS Agri, NUCLEUS City and NUCLEUS Air.
The project is advertised all the time by the notorious Jan Balina, and hundreds of people are added daily to the Telegram chat.

5. GoNetwork

Observing the current landscape, which is developing in the world of blockchain and the community of cryptocurrency followers, it is regrettable to note the big problems with the bandwidth and scalability of the two main networks - Bitcoin and Ethereum. And if the delays and a bunch of uncompleted transactions in the bitcoin network have not surprised anyone for a long time (the bitcoin blockchain looks too outdated by the standards of the frenzied cryptocurrency industry), then the problems in the most advanced and large-scale network - the Ethereum blockchain became a frank surprise even for its developers. The reason for this was a fairly primitive game - CryptoKitties. Due to the fact that every action in this toy is recorded in the Ethereum blockchain system, the purchase, sale and breeding of the kittens have seriously strained the network. Transactions in the network now went with great difficulty, and the payment has grown by an order of magnitude. Regarding the situation, the frontman Ethereum Vitalik Buterin spoke that this is an exciting test for the project, but what awaits us further and when will the current difficulties be resolved?

The biggest blockchain in the cryptoworld, on which smart contracts are written and 90% of the ICO is conducted, urgently needed solutions in the area of scaling and cardinal increase in bandwidth. In this regard, the focus will be on projects that are ready to provide these solutions, such as GoNetwork, which launches the platform on ether for mobile devices and gadgets.


As a result, 2017 year became decisive for cryptocurrency. A lot of ICO projects successfully attracted investors' funds and began to work. It has to be noted, that their tokens began to be traded on crypto-exchange exchanges, and the most successful of them increased their value repeatedly.

2018 promises to be no less hot for the cryptocurrency market. The competition among ICO projects is increasing every day. Investors who want to increase the value of their cryptocurrency portfolios need to carefully study the opportunities that the market will give them.

We named our best ICO for the beginning of 2018. To participate in the ICO you will need the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which you can buy on exchanges or through exchangers. On exchanges, there is usually much less commission for a deposit through a bank, in exchangers, however, you can get the airwaves much faster and relatively easier.