Top 10 bitcoin miners for efficient work and business

Top 10 bitcoin miners for efficient work and business

Mining of the most popular types of cryptocurrency has long required the use of high-efficiency equipment, which is known as ASICs, so the owners of farms while choosing these devices are guided by the top 10 bitcoin miners. Which models are the best for today, what do they offer and what are their manufacturers working on to improve the features? Let’s review some popular ASICs, their functions and benefits.

Table of content:

  • Why are graphic chips and processors out-of-date?
  • ASICs are the most profitable mining equipment
  • Important functions of ASICs
  • The best devices used for SHA-256 algorithm
  • How to make the perfect choice?

Graphic chips and processors are the things of the past

Old-timers of the cryptocurrency market remember those times when BTC mining was possible on the home computer. Nobody believed that this coin would grow so much in price and bring such tangible profit to the first investors. The fact remains that the first miners made a fortune from scratch and without any special investment. However, the time of the graphic chips and processors, which were used to generate the blocks, has long since passed. A large number of those, wishing to profit out on nothing caused an increase in the index of difficulty. Simply put, earning bitcoins has become much more difficult.

If we go into details, then we can say that the bitcoin algorithm assumes a limited emission. In this work, a lucky chance does not matter. You get exactly as many coins as your equipment allows. And it's all about data processing. The more powerful the device, the more data is able to be processed; hence, it promises a certain earning. All modern miners use ASICs. This equipment is currently cost-effective in terms of energy and profitable for mining.

ASIC as the best miner for bitcoin

The abbreviation ASIC should be understood as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. This is not a computer, as many tend to believe by mistake. This is a circuit with a specific functionality. In other words, the device is intended exclusively for the cryptocurrency, and is not suitable for anything else. This property can not be considered a drawback. On the contrary, an ASIC due to its narrow focus has a high efficiency of computing functions, unlike the most powerful graphic chips.

It is for this reason that the graphic chips have become the past. High energy consumption and low efficiency, which no longer met the requirements of the BTC network, made these universal schemes not suitable for mining. As for ASICs, engineers are constantly improving their properties and creating equipment of various price categories. It is only natural that for the efficient work, you should choose a device from top 10 bitcoin miners in order to ensure a profit and justify the cost of purchasing equipment.

General characteristics of ASICs

Professionals easily recognize an ASIC among other similar aggregates. Each such device has the form of a rectangular box, with a fan and connectors for some peripheral equipment, which is used for setting a device up and monitoring of its work, and the power source. The first ASICs were compact and connected via the USB port, but even if you get such a model, it's better to take it to the museum together with the graphic chips, since they are no longer suitable for operation. Modern appliances are divided into professional and domestic. The first has large dimensions and corresponding energy consumption. Home items are compact, quieter, and their power supply is rated at 600 watts maximum.

Professional equipment is used in rigs to increase power. The noise from such installations is big; therefore farms are equipped in the separate buildings. Also, the owners must worry about the cheap sources of energy in advance, so as not to overload the local power grid and save on the payments for the electricity. There are a large number of ASICs models, so making the top 10 bitcoin miners is not so easy. Several facts are important here. The cost of electricity, price and capacity are important.

We mean by the power the hashrate. This is the bandwidth of the device to handle incoming data. The higher the hashrate is, the more advantageous the device we have, since it will allow mining more coins per unit of time. Energy consumption depends on the working potential and the network resource. ASICs consume a lot of power, and this should be taken into account. The cost of such equipment is as volatile as the rate of the cryptocurrency, but still remains high. The price of a modern farm can be estimated at millions.

Many manufacturers around the world are working on the creation of ASICs, so new models appear quite often. The purpose of the manufacturer is to increase the profitability. As for the brands, there are some trademarks that deal exclusively with the development of miners, but among the suppliers you can find products with a worldwide reputation. By popularity, Bitmain leads. The company's products are considered a benchmark in the mine equipment market. Recently, Baikal, PinIdea, Ebang Communication have also become popular.

ASICs based on the SHA-256

Not all ASICs are suitable for bitcoin mining. The device must be compatible with the SHA-256 algorithm. Using such devices, you can generate not only “the digital gold”, but also one of the BTC forks called Bitcoin Cash. So, after you have learned the basic information about the modern mining equipment, let's move on to top10 bitcoin miners. In the first place is the product from Bitmain, which has already been mentioned.

Antminer S9 Bitmain

This model has 14 TH / s of hashrate, consumes 1340 watts. Its weight is 8 kilograms, and the dimensions are 350x135x158

Antminer T9 Bitmain

Lightweight is only 4.2 kg. The unit has hashrate of 11.5 TH / s, but uses more energy than S9. Its consumption equals 1450 watts. The dimensions are 350x135x158.

Antminer V9 Bitmain

This device has 4 TH / s at a consumption of 1027 watts. Very light weight is equal to 3.05 kg. Compact dimensions are 301x123x155

Antminer S7 Bitmain

The model provides 4.86 TH/s, works with the consumption at the level 1210 watts and its weight is only 4 kg. It is a very nice ASIC for home mining!

DragonMint T1 Halon Mining

The powerful enough unit provides 16 TH / s, consumes 1600 watts, and weighs 6 kg. Its dimensions are 340x125x155

Ebit Miner E9 Plus 9T Ebang Communication

This ASIC guarantees a hashrate of 9 TH / s. It consumes 1305 watts, and at a weight of 4.7 kg the product measures 290x126x155

Ebit E10.1 Miner 18T Ebang Communication

Professional ASIC miner with 18 TH / s, power consumption 1600 W, weight almost 10 kg and dimensions 418x146x189

AvalonMiner 761

It is a budget model with good indicators. Its power is 8.8 TH / s, and its energy consumption is 1320 W

AvalonMiner 821

The device is 10 times more powerful than the previous version, it provides 11 8.8 TH / s, and its power consumption equals 1200W.

Where is the tenth miner in the list?

Attentive readers have noticed that in the presented top 10 bitcoin miners review lack one, i.e. the tenth device. This is not a mistake, but an opportunity for you to choose the best ASIC model in accordance with the expected technical requirements and, of course, the price. Each miner must before buying equipment weigh the pros and cons, make some accurate calculations, because it is important to know when the investment is worthwhile. The power consumption and earnings should be in a certain proportion. To calculate the potential profit, special online calculators are provided depending on the specification of the device.