The easiest ways to start a bitcoin business

The easiest ways to start a bitcoin business

Many people know what Bitcoin is and half of them are asking themselves: how to start a bitcoin business? The answer is easier than you think! Let us tell you.


- Robocoin
- Watchmybit
- Dailybitcoins
- Company exchanger of cryptocurrency
- Position yourself as a local expert Bitcoin
- Start the bit-shop
- Open the exchange or currency converter
- Conclusion

One of the most successful businesses in the field of crypto currency is the company Robocoin,

which has placed its bitcoin-ATMs in many countries around the world. The company’s success lies in the fact that they managed to attract customers who did not want to buy bitcoin because of the lack of physical expression. At ATMs, however, it is proposed to exchange bitcoin for the currency in real-time mode at the current exchange rate, which does not make the BTC so inaccessible and useless for the townsfolk. At present Robocoin ATMs are installed in 13 countries of the world and give the opportunity to exchange bitcoin for 12 different financial currencies.

The second successful bitcoin business is analog of YouTube – the WatchMyBit portal,

which, unlike other video portals, allows content authors to earn money on their videos. This stimulates creativity and increases the number of interested users. The authors of the video receive micropayments in bitcoins from their public. Bitcoin is convenient here because it allows you to make a micropayment with one click, without entering personal data, bank account numbers and other information.

The third bit of bitcoin-project, worthy of attention – is the instantaneous crypt of the daily lottery of Dailybitcoins.

It is noteworthy that the company that conducts this lottery is registered on the territory of Russia. The bottom line is simple: users buy the opportunity to participate in the draw of a daily super prize in bitcoins. But even in case of a loss, the company gives each participant a consolation prize.

The fourth successful example of bitcoin-business is the company-exchanger crypto-currency.

There are a lot of such companies all over the world, but Coinbase from San Francisco stand out against the rest even if they attract huge investments to their business – this year it reached 31 million, and the client base of the company grew five times in just six months.

Position yourself as a local expert Bitcoin.

How much do you know about such people in your city? For sure, not too much, if any. So take the initiative in your hands, in this case, it is not punishable. Of course, for starters, you will have to “sharpen” your own bitco-abilities and bring your knowledge to people. Online information and community advice quickly make you an expert in your city. And it is not necessary at all to be the greatest bitcoin-genius in the world. Just become a bitcoin-guy!

Start the bit-shop

Take advantage of Bitcoin’s growth and open a store that accepts payments only in bitcoins. You can sell cheaper than your competitors and, using natural bitcoin growth, increase your profits. Most likely, you will need an investment partner to invest large amounts in your product, but in the future, your earnings will be greater.

Open the exchange or the currency converter

Buy Litecoin, Dogecoin, other altokkuny and start exchanging them for the bitons. The exchange centers are not easy to open, but there is a huge potential for growth of this type of business. In addition, more and more countries are creating exchange trading rules for new owners of bit-business. Surely you can get a lot of useful information from the mistakes of the pioneers of this field.


So now you know how to start a bitcoin business! We gave you few of many examples how to set it up. You can either start a bitcoin shop or make an exchanger for the cryptocurrency. Now it’s your turn to choose, we hope that you will make it!

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