The best upcoming cryptocurrency: Scorum - the choice for February

The best upcoming cryptocurrency: Scorum - the choice for February

We’ve selected the best upcoming cryptocurrency to watch in February! Get your bitcoin wallets ready and your eyes wide open for the new coin in the most interesting field of the blockchain fintech market.


SRC was launched as the coin to support trading operations on the Scorum platform. Scorum is a media blockchain aimed at reaching new heights in the world of sports media. Now, why do we recommend you to consider the SRC as the best upcoming cryptocurrency?
It’s all about the project behind the coin. Scorum is based on the idea of creating a new global and entrusted community of sports enthusiasts for creating high quality content, social interaction, blogging, data, and stats collection and analysis as well as betting. There is no strong coin for sports in the blockchain field so far.
This really makes SRC the best upcoming cryptocurrency for all people interested in sports in the first place. The project is entering a low competitive market, since there’s lack of sports media projects that use community enthusiasm for content creation. With strong marketing and serious support from enthusiasts all over the world, Scorum might just be the first one.
The platform will feature three key products. And that’s another thing that makes SRC the best upcoming cryptocurrency on the sports market. The blogging platform is the core product. It suggests Scorum’s participants and users of the platform create content and receive tokens in reward. Scorum offers the best tools for content creation, such as a huge image stock with instruments aimed at simplifying infographics creation. Never before sports fans have been so highly involved in content generation.
SRC may become the best upcoming cryptocurrency just because it will eliminate third parties and fees, making betting transparent and easy. The second key product of Scorum is the fantasy sport and betting streaming service. The third important part of Scorum project is the stats center. It is needed for fans who seek data and analytics for making the right sport predictions.

Here are the features that make SRC the best upcoming cryptocurrency in 2018:

  • The beta version of Scorum is now operating. So you can already use the coin.
  • Scorum will return investments on ads and not on the fantasy sports betting.
  • The ICO promises participants great bounty rewards.

Vladislav Artemyev is at the head of the project. It was his idea to announce the sports ICO. He founded one of the most popular Russian fantasy sports sites and is working in the IT sector for over 10 years so far. Other members behind the Nikolai Pobol is the co-founder of Scorum, he is the evangelist and business angel of the project, holding the official position of an operations manager. There are nearly 30 people involved in creating the best upcoming cryptocurrency, most of them have Russian origins. The advisory board includes several professional athletes and members of the board at Vizor games.