The best altcoins to mine with the home equipment

The best altcoins to mine with the home equipment

What are the best altcoins to mine? Mining is a niche that has been filled quite quickly over the past 2-3 years. Generating blocks of BTC, using a home computer, is unreal since 2010. That's when the rigs appeared on the basis of several graphics chips, and pretty soon after them the ASICs took to the stage. For the beginners with small capacities it became impossible to get into the ranks of the advanced bitcoin miners. Only powerful equipment makes it possible to get more or less tangible profit. But everything is not so bad, because there are altcoins that have more modest characteristics and available for beginning miners to generate.

Table of content:

  • Find the “ideal altcoin”: Vertcoin and Verge are waiting for you!
  • Why is Vertcoin is called “public” and how to start its mining?
  • Verge as an inhabitant of the deep and dark net

Do not follow the crowd, but think with your head

When bitcoin was the object of ridicule, most did not even think of installing the BTC mining software on their PCs and starting the work. Only those, who possessed sufficient knowledge and saw perspectives, as well as just lovers of everything new, are “cherry-picking” now. And once they were laughed and served as an object of much criticism. Perspective altcoins for amateur mining are Vertcoin and Verge. Many of you heard about the main cryptocurrencies from the top list, but the most probably will learn about Vertcoin and Verge for the first time, therefore the article will cover these best altcoins to mine.

Vertcoin is a public coin

The official launch date for Vertcoin is January 11, 2014. Technologically, the subject is built on the functions of two algorithms. This is SHA-256 and Salsa20, and cryptographers classify a working product as Lyra2RE (v2). At its core, cryptocurrency is one of the versions of Litecoin. The unit is generated every 2.5 minutes. Miner gets 25 vertcoins for it. The maximum emission is 84 million. The capitalization is slightly less than 200 million USD and 1 VTC stands at 4.64 USD.

Vertcoin was originally created to be mined by the ordinary people on home computers without using expensive professional devices like an ASIC. In other words, Vertcoin does not provide commercial mining, but it was at the beginning. How is the situation at the moment? Is it possible to start right now Vertcoin mining without much expense? Yes, sure!

The first step of the miner is creation a wallet. Coins, even virtual ones, need to be kept somewhere. There are several versions of the VTC wallet for different operating systems, including Windows, MAC and Linux. Moreover, you can download them from the official site of the cryptocurrency, install on a PC, and use an easy, online or mobile version. Everything depends on the volume of your virtual state: the bigger it is, the higher the reliability of the storage is needed.

Downloading and installing special software won’t be problematic, but only if you think that Vertcoin can be solo-mined, you are wrong. Not only bitcoin, but all its forks long ago got out of the individual control, so a pool is the only way to get real profit from mining. A lot of resources are offered by VTC mining on quite affordable terms. By the way, many cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers willingly work with Vertcoin.

Returning to the above, you should elaborate on the program for mining. For VTC, the Click Vertcoin Miner client is used. The process of generating blocks can be performed on the GPU. Also for this purpose graphic chips of NVidia and other brands are suitable. The program can be downloaded on the GitHub. During the configuration, experienced users will not need the help of experts, but beginners can use the advice of programmers or visit thematic forums.

  • After downloading the installation file, check it for viruses. Just in case. Only after checking, start the process.
  • Strictly follow the wizard commands. Be sure to specify the type of equipment used and write the parameters of the pool for mining.
  • Another important option of mining is hashrate. Test your equipment with special services and enter the data in the settings.
  • If the hash is 100 MH / s or more, select a node from the Network 1 list. It is unreal on the GPU, so Network 2 is yours.

Verge: the purpose is anonymity

The main goal of cryptocurrency creators’ is to ensure the anonymity of transactions. The rapid growth of the popularity of virtual coins in the best way demonstrates how a large number of users - from students to big businessmen - want to hide the movements of their finances from the supervisory bodies. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies promise fast payments from anywhere in the world, convenience, the absence of intermediaries and high percentages of fees.

Whatever it was, Verge (XVG) was created as one of the most anonymous currencies in the world along with Monero and DASH. This was the goal of its developers, although the coin itself is a fork of Bitcoin, and it has repeatedly demonstrated failures in terms of confidential calculations. Its addresses are linked to each other, and the whole history is safely stored in the blockchain. Anyway, our readers are unlikely planning some financial frauds and just want to know about the best altcoins to mine.

The development team actively supports its users. Programmers are constantly working on the functionality and security improvements of the wallets, adapting storage for convenient use on mobile devices. The principle of anonymity and decentralization is strictly observed. VTC owners can use wallets not only with an open IP Address, but also deal with TOR and even I2P networks. Do not forget about the safety rules in the deep web and remember the consequences of surfing the darknet!

Verge appeared in 2014. The first name of the coin is DogeCoinDark and in 2016 the digital product was renamed to Verge. 16.5 billion coins are the issue of XVG. Such a huge amount was chosen not by accident: the creators just tried to make the currency attractive and accessible to become one of the existing currencies in the future. The Verge system is reliably protected from hacker attacks, because it is based on five algorithms Scrypt, X17, Lyra2rev2, myr-groestl and blake2s.

As for Verge's mining on the home hardware of the CPU and GPU, more and more users tend to believe that the cost of electricity and the growing difficulty of the cryptocurrency does not justify these methods. However, if there is an access to the cheap energy source, and instead of one GPU rig will be used, you can try this one from the best altcoins to mine. To begin with, you will have to create a wallet, which is available on the official currency website and is suitable for any platform. Then choose a pool that pays more, download CCminer, make simple settings and start the process.