Сryptocurrency games

Сryptocurrency games

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Simple games for earning bitcoin
How to Make Money in Bitcoin Casino?
Bitcoin, blackjack and buns, Roulette
Live casino bitcoin

What cryptocurrency games do we have now? There are a huge number of sites offering to earn money while playing on the Internet. Everyone who wants will find the most attractive option for himself, having scoured from ten to thirty sentences and carefully studying each of them. It can take quite some time, which is known to be money.

We decided to facilitate this task for users and offer the most attractive options for cryptocurrency game. There you can find big differences from those games, where the calculation goes in different fiat currencies. The distribution of coins occurs every time a certain level is reached. In these games, you can not earn money automatically: they require an active and real game.

It is true, here there are exceptions – investment games. Very often they have the first bonus investment, which is given for registration. But there is a possibility to run into a financial pyramid. And they, as everyone knows, sooner or later crumble.

Simple games for earning bitcoin

Games with withdrawal of bitcoins without attachments may an interest for those who like the process of the game, and those who want to receive income from participating in affiliate programs. The last ones assume the accrual of cryptocoins for attracting each referral and for their subsequent active activity.

There is a list of the most popular games you can play:

  • Golden Tea is an inversion game. Registration is encouraged with a bonus. A user is encouraged to grow and sell tea. To buy a tea bush you need to replenish your account in the game. You can pick up shrubs of various sizes, tea leaves on which grow at different speeds. But the earned money can be withdrawn only after reaching a certain threshold. True, it can be accelerated by the active referral.
  • Game Faucet is a collection of games and Satoshi Crane simultaneously. The games are interesting, but rather complex. The number of Satoshi accrued depends on how effectively they are conducted. Game Faucet is well suited for working out a payout strategy that does not require investment.
  • Coinplants is a game which offers to grow plants on your farm. Bonuses are awarded every day.
  • LittleWorldOfSatoshi – again is a farm. But this game has a very high level of complexity and it is well thought out. Players have a rich arsenal of opportunities, which are nowhere else.
  • SparkProfit. You probably have not yet met bitcoin games with such a principle as Sparkprofit. You play in a dealer on the stock exchange – guess the price of bitcoin for the near future. If you guess – you win, lose – you do not lose anything. Also there you can find a lot of materials on trading and learn how to trade in cryptocurrencies.
  • SatoshiQuiz – is a classical quiz. Like the previous one, unlike others, it requires considerable general knowledge (but it’s better to google quickly) and at least the average knowledge of English. It Worthily pays worthily for both entertainment and expansion of horizons, holds tournaments with prize-winning places. Payments on request are made directly to the wallet.
  • MyBitMine is a simulator of the gold mine. Like other similar games, it allows you to exchange the extracted resources for bitcoins. It offers multi-level upgrades and promotions, but so far poor graphics exists – the project is beta testing (hurry up, because beta testers get buns). Testing does not prevent them from paying – payments on demand are working properly.

How to Make Money in Bitcoin Casino?

A strategy, that allows you to earn with small investments, works well on gambling. On such sites you just need to replenish the account, and the withdrawal of money is carried out without commissions. This is due to the fact that there is no need to pay a fee. In addition, the casino administration has an opportunity to allocate significant amounts to encourage players with bonuses.

This fully explains the reason for the growing popularity of such establishments. The size of the bonuses paid to casinos in bitcoins is often much higher than the incentives in institutions operating on traditional currencies.

An important aspect, speaking in favor of bitcoin-casino, is compliance with the principle of decentralization. Absence of any kind of connections with any types of banks makes it impossible to seize or freeze accounts, because the bitcoin game does not have a deposit. But on sites tied to banks, it can be done at any time.

Each visitor of such an online institution is given the opportunity to monitor a status of his own game account quickly. Also, he can get information about all the operations that he conducted.

Any client of the bitcoin-casino administration is guaranteed absolute anonymity. And this means that he can completely surrender to the game, without thinking about the problems that might arise.

The only information that a client is asked to provide is an e-mail address. But this is done only for the benefit of the visitor, since otherwise it will not be possible to recover the password if it is lost. All other player data is not in the interest of the administration of the cryptocurrency casino.

Almost all fans of gambling respond positively about the slots. This explains the presence in the bitcoin-institution of large collections of machines. Their subjects are so diverse that you can find an option for every taste.

There are even devices where a progressive jackpot exists. It is a dream of every gambler, is not it? In addition, gamers in bitcoin-casinos attract the highest possible interest payments.

Some examples of casino cryptocurrency games

  • BitCasino

The most visited cryptocurrency casino in the world for the current day. It does not require long descriptions. Stakes, slots, cards, tons of excitement and adrenaline are waiting for fans of thrills for every game. It is a top bitcoin of a world-class casino, providing a kaleidoscope of the most entertaining entertainment for a wide variety of tastes and colors. In addition, it provides adult bonuses and loyalty program, so if you want to get a 110% bonus on your first deposit – enter the exclusive Paw code at the checkout office before replenishing the balance.

  • mBitCasino

This option is shown to those who want adrenaline. If in doubt – you can safely click and engage in a deadly battle with soulless machines, roulette, slots and others like them: a number of top-end game providers are at your service. Give a bonus of 110% and 50% for the first and second deposit, respectively, plus 25% for any number of subsequent. It is the most profitable for today in terms of bonuses casino.

Bitcoin, blackjack and buns, Roulette

The second, after the slots, place in the list of gambling entertainment belongs to blackjack. On Bitcoin-resources you can easily find several different variants of this popular game. And at the same time it is possible to say with full confidence that the amount of payments will again be higher than on websites that do not use cryptocurrencies.

For those who want to play virtual currency, but there is no desire to delve into the numerous rules, we offer a roulette. It is not in vain wears the title of “Queen of Passion”, appropriated to it by those who know this point. Customers have the opportunity to play in the following roulette options:

  • American;
  • European;
  • Card;
  • French;
  • Russian.

Live casino bitcoin

Recently, it has become fashionable to play against real-life dealers. There are, of course, similar games on the bitcoin market. Lovers of risk can take part in the game in an online casino, where the bank is a real croupier. This can be done by selecting the following games:

  • Baccarat;
  • Black Jack;
  • Roulette.

The highlight of this version of the game is that each action is carried out in an online mode. In real time, bets are made and a rally is held. There is a feeling that everything is happening in reality, and some players are very important. In addition, a participant in Live games can communicate directly with partners.


In this article we have superficially touched the most popular cryptocurrency games and ways of making money with their help. Many games allow you to earn cryptocurrency without any investment, but often earnings in simple games, if not a casino, are limited to just a few satoshis. But, as they constantly grow in price, do not discount this type of earnings: it can become a small investment in the future.