Speaking about bitcoin competitors: cryptocurrency TON from Pavel Durov

Speaking about bitcoin competitors: cryptocurrency TON from Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov, the founder of the largest Russian social network VKontakte and the creator of the popular messenger Telegram, is working on his new project that is going to become the one most strong among bitcoin competitors. It was called Telegram Open Network or abbreviated as TON, and it’s a full-fledged cryptocurrency, tied directly to Telegraph.

After launching TON, each user of Telegram will be assigned his personal cryptocurrency purse. With it, you can move any amounts of money in the TON cryptocurrency between users. The Internet has already posted a video describing the main features of the new virtual currency – one of the alternatives to bitcoin.

The video tells about the use of blocking technology in TON and the easy scalability of the cryptocurrency itself. The main aspect of the new project is the 100 percent anonymity of all transactions, without exception, and the emphasis is on making all transfers instantly, without the need for waiting.

Authors of the video emphasize that TON will be built right into Telegram, that is, you can use it without installing additional programs on your computer and applications on your smartphone. It should be emphasized that the Telegram team has not yet confirmed its involvement in this video posted on YouTube, and as a result TON cryptocurrency can be a fake.

On the other hand, earlier this year Pavel Durov gave an interview to Bloomberg, in which he told about his plans to present something big in 2018. The creator VKontakte did not go into details, but added that in the new year he is realizing his plans for the monetization of Telegram and maybe it is going to be one of the most interesting bitcoin competitors.