Robotina ICO: Energy Saving and Clean Environment

Robotina ICO: Energy Saving and Clean Environment

Main Goal of the project

Time goes by so fast that it is difficult to count all new technologies that are emerging and successfully being introduced into various spheres of people’s life. Along with these positive moments, one serious and still insufficiently resolved question arises and consists in saving energy on a global scale. The Robotina project aims to create a system of rational energy consumption, which will not only reduce the cost of payments, but also improve the environmental situation. All devices from home ones to industrial equipment will be controlled by the smart grid. It will not only complete the main task, but also get a sufficient income.


About the company and ready objects

For a full understanding of the aims and tasks, a detailed Whitepaper has been prepared. The document contains the information about the history of the company, its achievements and implemented projects. With the help of data provided in Whitepaper, the potential and real partners will learn about the work on the smart grids installation and energy storage systems in Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. At the moment, wide-range efforts are being done on the African continent, namely in South Africa. Ordinary users and industrialists will be able to fully appreciate all advantages in the nearest future.

Technical and social issues

The Whitepaper clearly outlines all the technical descriptions, schemes and principles of work, highlights legal issues and social conditions, taking into account global digitalization. Traditionally, the energy market was assigned to monopoly companies. Robotina is counting on the fact that the development of projects like the company presents will make this area more democratic and open. Of course, there are certain expectations for the society to take steps because digital transformation will surely affect the most aspects of life. The principles of Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fundamental for Robotina.

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Tokens and Crowdsale

The launch of smart contracts is carried out on the basis of Ethereum. This platform is the most reliable and even the only one of its kind for performing any computations with the ability to use any programming languages. The Robotina team members and users will add their smart contracts and will be able manage transactions. The name of the token is Robotina Utility Token (ROX). The application conforms to the ERC-20 standard and constructed on the top of the Ethereum blockchain with full integration its entire lifecycle within that environment. Token crowdsale starts 21 March 2018 and finishes 30 April 2018. Minimum contribution is 0.5 ETH.

Advisors and Team

The company has high expectations for the Artificial Intelligence and is going to implement its basis in all spheres of life, but human resources are the most important condition for the business success. The advisers are Irena Linasi Rogač (a financial expert) and Prof. Dr. Matjaž Gams (a specialist AI). They are professionals in their fields and stand at the very origins of Robotina. The project team is headed by Devid Palcic (CEO). Other members are Damir Skrjanec (R & D), Milan Susman (CSM), Dr.Sc. Domen Zupancic (R & D), Mario Montani (QA) and Joao Fernandez (Sales Manager). In general, 50 people are actively working on the project nowadays.


The project is aimed at the future and no doubt has great prospects. That’s why Roadmap plays such a big role. The team has already decided on the goals and charted the way. The strategy with the main steps of action and promotion around the world is visually presented and opened for all visitors to see at the official website or partners’ resources.


The principles of openness and the ability to communicate with management and team members are realized through social networks. Welcome to the accounts in the most popular social networks. They are Telegram, Twitter, FaceBook and Reddit. Join, become the followers, read the news, watch the video and take an active part in the discussions.


Robotina clearly adheres to the standards and rules of KYC. The company meets all the necessary requirements, which it expects from its partners as well. Those who wish to participate in crowdsale must have the approved status of KYC. To do this, send the information through a special form. A mutual guarantee of honesty and trust will allow to work together in a safe and transparent environment.


The Robotina team does its best to ensure that all information about the project is always available and timely updated. Everything about ICO issues, the number of sold tokens, technical specifications, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) key principles, Crowdsale details, Roadmap, Whitepaper, Lightpaper and other significant data are available on the website of the company.