Rating of the best altcoins 2018 for successful investments

Rating of the best altcoins 2018 for successful investments

All eyes of investors and analysts are on the best altcoins now. Why are experts and potential buyers so keenly interested in alternatives of bitcoin? Of course, this interest is not idle. It's about investing capital, because BTC is not the only object for this purpose. Some cryptocurrencies have significantly strengthened their positions in 2017, have more advanced characteristics and offer additional opportunities for the business projects implementation.

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Which altcoin can be considered as the best one?

Altcoins are all coins created after bitcoin. Do not confuse this concept with forks when they are BTC direct followers, but it is better to compare altcoins with branches from the “number one” cryptocurrency. Altcoin can have a completely different protocol, sometimes even more reliable and protected compared to SHA256. As an example, we can speak about X11 algorithm, on the basis of which a number of virtual coins have been created and, by the way, their mining is easier and cheaper. Moreover, not every coin can be mined, for example, some cryptocurrencies have already entered the market after their pre-mining. The main criteria for selecting the "best of the best" are:

  • High liquidity
  • Strong course growth
  • Powerful ecosystem
  • The reliable reputation of developers

TOP-5 of the best altcoins


  1. Ethereum

Before we prove the validity of a particular coin, we need to say a few words about Ethereum. It, no doubt, occupies the position of a leader, and many specialists tend to equate ETH with Bitcoin, and not put it in the second place. Of course, by its capitalization, it follows the BTC, but in reality the possibilities of Ethereum for business and even for the legal sphere are much wider. Smart contracts and a platform for launching ICO (the vast majority of tokens are based on the ERC20 protocol) make ETH attractive and promise great prospects in the future down to the optimization of the entire global economy. In early 2018, the cost of one coin was $ 1,065, and, according to analysts of the cryptocurrency market, during 2018 one can buy Ethereum in the range of $ 2,800-3,000, after which it will stabilize at $ 2000.

  1. Litecoin

LTC by analogy with Ethereum does not need additional explanations and advertising. This coin has firmly entered the rating of cryptocurrency as "digital silver". The emission threshold is 84 million. The processing time for the transaction is much less than the " digital gold". Forecasts of experts regarding the growth of the LTC rate are the mark of $ 200 for one silver coin. There are more optimistic versions regarding the growth of litecoins. Some experts assume 500 $ for 1 LTC. What can cause such a sharp jump in the rate? Aggressive growth is allowed only if a powerful news company is implemented, as well as partnership agreements with well-known payment systems, banks, etc are made. Only in these cases Litecoin, like any other crypto, can reach the top.

  1. Bitcoin Cash

"Do not look for the best from good" - this well-known principle in the case of BCH does not work. BTC proved to be more than successful. Transactions involving this cryptocurrency are faster, and their cost is much lower. No wonder Bitcoin Cash was included in the list of the most successful coins in 2017. Many exchanges are asked by the users to replace BTC for BCH. Also, the latter has a fixed limit of 21 million coins, and this is the best protection against inflation. At the beginning of 2018, the BCH / USD rate peaked at $ 1,674. Closer to the second half of the year, it is projected to grow to $ 3,000.

  1. Ripple

There is much hype about XRP. It became a sensation in 2017, as it proved to be the most effective cryptocurrency. Its value was the same even in those periods when other altcoins were rapidly losing value. From a technical point of view, Ripple does not look much like BTC. Indeed, it is a unique payment system, because any holder of XRP can send funds without converting to the local currency. Even such large systems as Western Union and MoneyGram do not exclude the possibility of introducing Ripple into their structure in order to reduce commission fees and speed up the execution of transactions. By mid-2018, a pair XRP / USD is expected to grow to $ 5.

  1. Stellar

XLM was “The Discovery of 2018”. As for the development team, authors of Ripple worked on creating this cryptocurrency, so some experts are sure: XLM owes its popularity to Ripple. In fact Stellar is a branch of the latter, but on the other hand the subject has some original and perspective characteristics that other altcoins can not boast of. Its platform is able to connect the world's financial systems and simplify payments due to the fast transaction processing speed at a cost of 1 cent per 100,000 operations! The most optimistic forecast for XLM is $ 5 by the middle of the year, if a deal with Stripes is concluded. The company is going to widely use the Stellar platform. At the beginning of the year for 1 XLM more than half of USD is given.


At the moment, investors are at a crossroads. Which cryptocurrencies are the best altcoins? In addition to those, described in this article, there are also NEM, Dogecoin, Dash and, of course, Monero. Each coin deserves close attention and detailed expert evaluation. Many crypto-currencies, which promise to be perspective, are still at the stage of tokens and, it is quite possible that after entering the exchanges, they will demonstrate unprecedented growth. That's why professionals do not recommend "put eggs in one basket", i.e. to channel financial resources in one direction, for example, buy bitcoin and only it. It is better to evenly distribute finance, paying attention to both existing and stable coins, and not to ignore the novelties of the cryptocurrency market.