P2PS: your information is in safe hands

Key Information

Information is the most valuable thing in the world, so the issue of its protection is so actual. Unfortunately, traditional networks do not guarantee 100% data integrity, and even at the state level, this problem remains topical. The human factor takes place, and outsiders can interfere with the processes of storing, transmitting and processing information, and even those who service networks often pose a threat. Providers and system administrators are capable to intercept important and secret data, not to mention hacker attacks that happen every day. Not only the Internet get are hit, but also private networks, for which corporations and countries spend considerable resources. According to the available statistics in total companies and states annually spend 500 billion USD. 

With the introduction of blockchain technology, a unique opportunity to ensure the security and confidentiality of data transmission and storage has appeared. The system allows you to conduct transactions without intermediaries, in an encrypted form, and without any mistakes. P2PS is a peer-to-peer gateway based on the blockchain. This development is specially created to solve the above-described problems. The project is promising and ambitious. Its goal is to be embedded in the infrastructure of various spheres, including government agencies, the military-industrial complex, banking and commercial markets and be involved in a variety of other areas. P2PS is a structure where participants exchange digital assets and files without the involvement of a third party. 

Product Description 

P2PS is a platform based on the blockchain with the function of storing large volumes of info in various spheres from the patient's medical records to state secrets. At the heart of the system is the principle of decentralization. All nodes in the network are equal and play the role of both the server and the client. Stable work is guaranteed, even if one of the participants fails or is disabled. Its duties are simply taken over by another member of the network.

Individual technological solutions and smart contracts give a real chance for the introduction of additional features; synchronize transactions with a personal account. The product has a multi-lingual interface, clear and convenient functionality for ordinary users. Working with the application will easily be done from your smartphone or tablet. To use the platform, you must acquire a license. 


P2PS token 

The internal cryptocurrency is called P2PS and is released on the basis of ERC-20 for storing tokens on the platform and in any of the wallets with Ethereum support. The development of the digital asset was carried out by the P2P Solutions Foundation. Operations with the coin support the most famous crypto exchanges, for example, Poloniex, Waves Dex, EtherDelta and a number of others. The P2PS token has all chances to become popular. Interest in the virtual coin is shown by the ELI (Electronic Learning Inc.) and ISI, which plans to use the token as the main marker for conducting transactions. Also in the future, there is the introduction of cryptocurrency into various segments of the markets of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, South America and Europe. 

The Team 

The ICO team consists of the best specialists in the field of venture investments, crowdfunding, finance, banking, marketing and other areas. 

David Drake is one of the main advisors to the project. This specialist has extensive experience in launching various companies, protecting business interests and as a government consultant in a number of countries. 

Ken Tachibana is a specialist in areas such as engineering and finance. The professional helped to host a number of ICOs in UK, Indonesia, Spain, etc. in the role of adviser and leader. 

Ian Scarffe is known as a leading businessman and consultant. Thanks to his entrepreneurial talent and as the brilliant speaker thousands of beginning businessmen around the world have become successful. With the introduction of blockchain technology, Scarffe has discovered a new niche. 

Jameel Sharif is the CEO of the project, in parallel is the head of large corporations, in particular, Electronic Learning Inc. Shariff received two prestigious certificates MBA and BSBM, has a diploma of Standford University, where he received education and took over the experience of the best professors. Currently, the CEO is a member of the board of ELI and ISI. 

Dr.Waleed Aloriny is a well-known specialist in IT and telecommunications. In the frame of the project, this team member holds the position of Chief Operations Officer. In the work of Dr. Waleed uses its data protection and analytical skills. 

The crew also includes experienced project managers, engineers, technology officers and many others who are involved in the ICO and help develop it with their advice and knowledge.