Origo Network Review

Origo Network Review

Project resume

Positive sides

Negative sides

Big airdrop planned which means there are no investment risks

Early stage of development

Project has no close competitors

Long roadmap

Project has strong academic team, probably has funds support

Privacy and security sphere has high risks of incorrect smart contract with fully anonymously execution.

Project has high hype rating (70K Telegram followers)

Big airdrop can cause high token volatility


Business and finance model (including tokenomics) didn’t disclosure


Project has high risks of token volatility and long roadmap. But participation in airdrop is not risky.

How to participate

For participating in a project airdrop, person should fill a Whitelist form and pass a KYC procedure after it confirmation.

Finished ICO’s of equivalent projects


Dates of ICO

Number of tokens

ICO Profit



4 475 181

X4.7 just after start; lowering to 5% of initial price in November 2016

Bitcoin Private


20 503 254

X1.1 just after start; lowering more than 10 times now


Origo Network is the protocol which will secure user’s private data related to decentralized applications better than existing blockchain products like Bitcoin (and its forks – Monero and ZCash) or Ethereum. According opinion of Origo team, these solutions cannot support confidential transactions because of “primitive crypto-algorithms” like Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Origo Network ICO consists from four phases:

  • Initialize – electing an executor from the network
  • Commit – freezing each party’s coins and submitting a commitment including their private input and coin.
  • Execution – executor performs smart contract offline
  • Settle – executor sends a result to blockchain for verification the correctness; after this, the freezed fund will be distributed between the parties according the received and verified result.

This scheme, according the founders’ opinion, can keep transactions amount and details safe.

Additionally, Origo Network will be more scalable than existing solutions (according founders’ opinion) because usage of Optimized Consensus, sharding protocol and enhanced VM as a new standard.

With using Origo’s Privacy Preserving Application Platform (PPAP), developers will build applications without knowledge of cryptography.

Origo Roadmap

Project roadmap is very brief and shows only future milestones. Token will be issued in Q3 2018; testnet (and the proof of existing) will be performed in December 2018; full release will be performed only in 2020.

Make note that project plans only a big airdrop on 100 000 participants without any ICO or other crowdsales form

Business Plan

According the information on the Orrigo website, project supported by Polychain Capital, FBG Capital, Kenetic, 1kx, Satoshi Fund, BA Capital and many other funds. But this information has no independent proofs.

Marketing Strategy

Project plans only airdrop on 100K participants with no crowdsale. WP and other documents. No tocenomics details (including metrics etc.) were disclosed.

Understanding the Target Audience

Target audience of the project consists from:

  • dApps developers who interested in creating secured applications.
  • Any businesses and private persons interested in deep security like finance, insurance, personal data, logistics, IoT etc.

Competitive Advantage

Project has no close competitors; far competitors of it are ZCash, Monero, Bitcoin Private. Founders declared higher class of security than these projects.

Team of Origo ICO

Team consists from Chinese academic scientists; only 4 of them have LinkedIn profiles. Two project advisors are persons from FBG Capital and Dekrypt Capital – VC funds focused on blockchain projects. But there are no proofs of their participation, and no links to LinkedIn profiles

Project Verification 

Project team members didn’t answer on confirmation question in LinkedIn personal message system.  Additionally, project have no registered management company.

Additional Commentaries

Let’s see on this product through the prism of formalized rating







0 – unknown team

1 – known team without successful ICOs

2 – famous team with successful projects portfolio

3 – famous team with succesful ICOs





1 – social networks

2 – game development

3 – mobile applications development

4 – fintech (including new altcoins development

5 – new blockchain applications




Stage of Development

0 – idea only

1 – idea + examples

2 - MVP

3 – alfa version

4 – upgrade of existing entity




Social Network activities

1 for each social network (maximum 23, according wikipedia)



70K followers on Telegram channel because of big airdrop planned


Total Benchmark: 5.4

Maximum Benchmark: 16,3 


Total Benchmark is lower than 1/3 of Maximum Benchmark, so our position is negative.



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