Litecoin asics miner for chasing silver online

Litecoin asics miner for chasing silver online

What is the best litecoin asics miner and why more and more people get interested in this question? Cryptocurrency in itself is one of the most negotiable topics today. It is often identified exclusively with bitcoin. In fact, the list of cryptocurrencies is extensive and constantly replenished with new species. So when we speak of mining in the whole it’s not just about mining bitcoins. One of the top cryptocurrencies at the moment is Litecoin (LTC) which is also in the sphere of interest of not only professionals but also beginners.

Some words about LTC

Litecoin is the brainchild of the programmer Charles Lee. The currency has got the same name as the system where it works does. Of course LTC was created on the basis of BTC. Some experts consider it not an analogue but a new evolutionary stage of BTC. For the first time litecoin was announced in 2011 when it received recognition in 2013 after the jump in capitalization. It is interesting that LTC is depicted in the form of a silver coin.

2014 for “ a silver coin” was not easy, and from the second place it moved to the 4th position. However it does not prevent its popularity, which is growing nowadays as well as the interest in the mining of this cryptocurrency type is. Many experts look into the future and suggest that litecoin will soon significantly strengthen its authority in the market. Today the daily trading volume has reached US $ 1 Billion!

Selection of equipment for mining

Of course, litecoins can be mined easily without significant investment. To do this it is enough to register a wallet of the appropriate type, choose one of the numerous pools, where you also need to complete the registration procedure, install a special software, for example CUIminer and start mining. But even for such an affordable method you will need the powerful computer equipment in particular a modern graphic card.

Companies that deal with mining in industrial quantities organize the whole farms for this purpose and use miner, which are purchased not in one but in several dozen machines. Their cost is quite high but the result will be completely different from the way the PC is used even with the most powerful GPU. This hardware is very similar to a computer, but has a special design and most importantly allows you to calculate a crypt hashing algorithm. Here is a list of the current ASIC miners models:

New Bitmain Antminer L3

  • Hash rate 504 MH / S
  • Power consumption 800 W
  • Energy efficiency 1.6J / MH
  • Chip BM1485
  • 144 chips per unit*
  • 4 board per machine
  • Nominal voltage 11.6 ~ 13.0 V

* upgraded L3 + has got doubled number of chips 288 units per item

This kind of equipment for LTC mining is produced by Bitmain which is known due to their previously released and quite successful BTC miners. Additionally, a power supply installation is required. The additional cooling is a good idea too. While operating a miner produces noise that resembles a working vacuum cleaner and it is also heated that’s why it is recommended not to set the Antminer L3 in an apartment building but in an autonomous warehouse.


  • Standart hash rate is 550 Mh / s
  • Power efficiency 1.727 J / Mh / s
  • 28nm LTC ASIC chip
  • 144 chips in each machine
  • 4 hash boards per item
  • Effective cooling with 2 fans

The device is characterized by compactness, does not produce much noise, easy to adjust. To configure the PC is required, but in the future it works autonomously. Manufacturers and owners of the BW-L21 say that money invested into the device pays off for 3 months. When buying directly from the manufacturer, the amount of an order must be at least 100 pieces.

Wolf v1

  • Hash rate 1024 Mh / s
  • Ethernet and RJ45 interfaces
  • 14nm FinFET Process.
  • Raspberry pi 2 hosting platform
  • 400 chips per machine
  • Mine cores 124 in each chip

This litecoin asic miner is produced by Ehsminer (France). The fact of registration in EU is unusual for the ASIC industry since all mining-equipment companies are located in China. In the near future, developers are planning to release a 2nd upgraded version of Wolf, which will be characterized by even more energy efficiency. The statement is really bold: with a consumption of just 1.2 kW the output is promised to be 2 GHz / s.