Jobs of October: overview and 3 hot vacancies

Jobs of October: overview and 3 hot vacancies

According to statistics published on website AngelList, to date, in companies involved in the development and promotion of crypto-currency, there are more than 2,500 technical specialists, as well as more than 1,000 employees who occupy non-technical posts. The statistics correspond to the state of market affairs in the first half of 2017.

The pleasant news, which the AngelList reported is the increase of salaries in this area of activity. Employees are waiting for the addition from 10% to 20% of their previous salary. Such a rapid growth is due to the fact that innovative ICO projects allow to easily attract society, thereby obtaining large amounts of money.

A huge plus of working in the field of crypto-resources is a convenient flexible schedule, as well as the ability to work remotely. The main goal of the company is to attract highly qualified employees not only in the country where they created this project, but also from remote corners around the world. So with great pleasure employers accept professionals from the USA, Russia, China. Thus, working at home is a very effective way of recruiting only the best staff.

If a person is not only familiar with software development, but is also interested in earning or saving virtual money, companies instead of the usual money, can make payments to employees using bitcoins / ethers / tokens. According to AngelList, each employee can benefit from liquidity in the project.

For the majority of those who wish to work with the crypto-currency, there are 2 options for participating in the project. One of them is direct participation in the development of new platforms based on Bitcoin or Ethereum. This option guarantees stability and reliability of a career. The second one is the creation of tokens and coins for new projects. In this case, the employee is expected to have great prospects for future development. It’s up to you.

Below we presented the 3 best vacancies in October this year.

  1. Job: Blockchain Developer

Company: VmWare
Country: Herzliya, Israel
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: To promote the development and implementation of the architecture of blockchain technologies, taking into account the level of consensus in the work of different elements, the database containing information about the owners and the state of smart contracts during the testing period. Work at an accelerated pace, when one project is very quickly replaced by another, while maintaining a high level of product quality, its further development and the development of new projects.

  1. Job: Blockchain Technical Solution Architect

Company: IBM
Country: NY, U.S.
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Creation of solutions for certain customers, from different kinds of activities, including services provided by financial companies, government agencies, trade and transport companies.

Development and provision of guarantee solutions with customers in various industries, such as financial services, public sector, retail and transportation. A future employee requires at least a bachelor’s degree in any IT specialty. Also, the applicant for work should have experience in developing projects based on the blockchain and provide an example of their work as the add to the resume. Another criterion for selection is the designation in programming C or Go. A big plus will be the availability of skills in working with Java or Javascript.

    3. Job: Systems Architect

Company: Bank of America
Country: NY, U.S.
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Development of innovative systems, establishment of partner contacts with LOB for implementation of the project concept. Involve other teams in the work to better understanding the conduct of business projects, guarantee the development of quality solutions and useing of cross-assets.