Instagram ICO: is their partnership possible in the future?

Instagram ICO: is their partnership possible in the future?

Successful marketing, associated with the launch of projects in the field of Initial Coins Offering, depends largely on the advertising in the social networks and popular services; therefore the Instagram ICO cooperation is so important. A promising advertising platform with millions of active visitors from all over the world creates a brilliant chance to promote your business. But the friendship of the ICO and the demanded recourse doesn’t add up.

Table of content:

  • Zuckerberg’s unexpected decision
  • The geography of bans and permissions
  • The ways to prove your reliability
  • Other resources for ICO advertising
  • LinkedIn joined Instagram: what happens next?

Mark Zuckerberg’s unexpected decision

Speaking about the ban on advertising in the Instagram, we cannot but mention Facebook, because these two resources are managed by the same person. His name is known. Of course, we mean Mark Zuckerberg. It is noteworthy that the billionaire at the beginning of January was keenly interested in the idea of a blockchain and cryptocurrencies and very soon he showed his outright rejection. What is the reason? Undoubtedly, a special report on this issue was published on FB. It says that the company adheres to two main principles with regard to advertising. Reliability and trust of people are the priorities.

By the way, Zuckerberg did not personally address the users of his social networks. Instead, it was made by the director of product management. It was not even a video appeal, but a traditional post. Interestingly, there was Mr. Zuckerberg on the photo in person and nobody else. According to the report, any information or an ad, that misleads users of social networks, should not be placed on the pages of popular resources.

Everything connected to the cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO fell into disgrace. Also, the Facebook administration was alerted by an incident involving a phishing scheme. Scammers made an attempt to steal the cryptocurrency from the wallets of social network users. Criminals cleverly masqueraded as well-known platforms, for example, Waves Platform and Stellar. The famous services were discredited as well.

Who is in solidarity with Facebook and Instagram?

ICO is an absolutely new method of investing with its rules and challenges. The process of attracting funds is based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. Most projects are implemented through the Ethereum block system, but, with technical and financial capabilities, other options are allowed.

An interesting and promising idea, launched with the help of ICO, has every chance to come true. Investors are not shareholders. They buy tokens for fiat money or cryptocurrency (ETH and BTC in the most cases), so that in the future it is profitable to sell assets on exchanges and use the services of a new enterprise with large privileges.

ICO is an innovation and in many countries it is still in the gray zone, and in some states the cryptocurrency and any activities related to this area including the Initial Coin Offering are banned completely. For example, in China, South Korea, Bolivia and Ecuador you cannot run such a business. The governments protect the interests of the national currency.

How to show the seriousness of intents?

People who have free funds for investment are not limited with state borders. They wander around the world in search of beneficial offers. ICOs have repeatedly proved their effectiveness, and it is impossible to suspect the projects being a fraud or a “soap bubble”.

If you decide to implement your idea with the help of a new investment method, legalize your business.
To do this, you need to obtain a license in one of the crypto-friendly countries, for example Switzerland. The country has a great value in the crypto environment, as local banks are trusted by the rich people of the whole world, and now this state is often called the Cryptovalley. The Swiss regulator issues special licenses, but put highly demanding claims to the applicants.

The trust in the ICO improves if the idea is presented by a well-known person who has implemented many successful projects during his career. Pavel Durov is known as the founder of one of the largest social networks in the world and instant messaging service. Currently, a businessman and a programmer are actively involved in raising funds for its TON project. More than 80 owners of the large capital entrusted millions of dollars to Pavel’s business.

Instagram is not an only advertising platform

By the way, why do we always talk about the Instagram? Is this the only social network where you can promote your project?
Reddit is a smart social news site. Articles, reviews, opinions - all this effectively work to promote your ICO and reaches the target audience.
Twitter instantly spreads information about the project, and it will surely catch the eye of venture managers and investors that you so need.
If you move away from the idea of social networks, use the services of specialized sites called trackers for the presentation of the project and the search for partners.

Post Scripts

While the article was being written, a message appeared that the social network LinkedIn banned advertising ICO on its pages. As we see ICOs were banned by Facebook and Instagram. They were the first. Now a further popular network has joined them! What to expect in the future? In the worst case, social networks will simply cease to be a tool for ICO marketing. At best, their owners will change their anger to mercy, and mutual cooperation Instagram ICO will be profitable and productive.