In search of the Best Litecoin Wallet: desktop, online or hard?

In search of the Best Litecoin Wallet: desktop, online or hard?

From the article you will learn about:

  • why LTC wallets are so actual nowadays;
  • the most popular desktop wallets;
  • some variants of multicurrency LTC wallets;
  • online and mobile ways of LTC transactions;
  • paper and hard “cold storage” of litecoins.

You are a professional miner, an experienced cryptocurrency trader, an investor or maybe just-to-beginner in the market – it is not as important as choosing and setting up your best litecoin wallet. Why litecoin? At least because it is in the top 10 the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and has a real chance to outrun its main competitor bitcoin. Wallets for LTC perform the same function as for BTC: they allow you to store coins and make transactions, track your payments and income. Even an inexperienced user can cope with the installing and setting up a wallet. Then all we need is a case: to choose the most suitable service!

Free litecoin wallet: you don’t have to wait long!

Litecoin quickly became a favorite due to the high speed of generating blocks, the maximum emission of 84 million, a simplified mining algorithm with the ability to use graphic chips. It is highly probable that litecoin owes its success to a real creator Charlie Lee who does not hide his personality and is available for communication. Why not? So, let’s start observe all types of LTC wallets.

Desktop LTC wallets review

Desktop wallets, similar to those that used for bitcoin, are installed in the form of software on a PC, synchronized with the LTC network or in a case of so called thin wallets the blockchain history isn’t downloaded in full. The choice of a client depends on computer resources, the installation speed and the features offered.

Litecoin Core is the best litecoin thick wallet. In addition to installing the file itself, which will need to be downloaded from (the official site of this cryptocurrency), synchronization of the wallet will be required. It takes about 24 hours. A lot of disk space and time spent will be considered a minus, but stationary storage of keys is a more significant argument, isn’t it?

Electrum-LTC is a specialized wallet for litecoin. The program refers to an easy version of wallets so after installing it you do not need to wait for loading the entire history of the blockchain, spend much time for the process and free up a lot of space on your hard drive. The wallet is compatible with all popular OSes and provides an additional address freeze function: when this feature is activated, no more funds will be sent from the address.

You can also install a multicurrency free litecoin wallet to operate not only LTC but some other cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, etc. simultaneously in one program.

Exodus is a convenient and easy-to-use wallet. The software product is universal and besides LTC it is ready to serve a few more crypto-currencies. For all its simplicity the service reliably hides keys and important information as for your transactions, addresses, etc.. To access and restore the wallet use the phrase seed of 12 characters. The wallet has got a currency exchange.

Jaxx has also proven itself and its capabilities coincide with those that the previous client has. It is multicurrency and guarantees reliable protection for private keys. The wallet is suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux. The advantage of this program is the ability to install it in the form of a mobile application for iOS mobile / tablet.

Installation of desktop wallets is not difficult. On the official sites of the development companies there is not only the required installation file, but also detailed instructions, including video tutorials and useful tips.

Best online and mobile litecoin wallet

As for online wallets are you ready with an easy heart to entrust confidential information to remote servers? If so, welcome to the following services:

  • Cryptonator
  • Coinkite
  • LoafWallet

Cryptonator is convenient and easy to use, protected with SSL-traffic technology and Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-256, has got two-factor authentication and provides one-time OTP-code. Deposit of funds to the account is carried out without fees, as well as storage of litecoins. Mobile applications for Cryptonator have not yet been developed.

Coinkite has an English interface, can be installed in the mobile application format for iOS and Android. The application possesses two-factor authentication including the ability of SMS confirmation. Fees for account replenishment are absent. There are special mobiles terminals. Company developers represented debit cards for receiving and storing LTC as well as BTC.

LoafWallet is a completely mobile wallet for Apple devices. It is a free litecoin wallet which can be downloaded from the App Store at any time. Unlike the above-described clients the application is used exclusively for operations with LTC. One more interesting fact is that the wallet was developed by the LTC creator Charlie Lee.

Paper LTC storage

Paper documents, plastic cards or metal plates with printed or engraved keys on them are extremely popular among bitcoin holders. For litecoin this method is also very convenient and the scheme for creating a paper wallet is identical. You need to go to the page, generate the address and print the document. The security methods and techniques for using a paper wallet have been described in the article about paper wallets in details.

Some words about hard LTC wallets

Special electronic devices as wallets for litecoin are the most reliable things since the key is stored completely autonomously; all information about operations is displayed on the built-in screen. Needless to say, such gadgets are not free but they are worth the money. Reliable security system does not allow spyware applications to penetrate the device memory and copy data. Bitcoin users have long valued hard wallets. For LTC such electronic gadgets as Ledger Nano S or TREZOR are suitable. Each of them is the best litecoin wallet and thousands of users can confirm it with absolute certainty.