ICOs conference: events worth visiting in 2018

ICOs conference: events worth visiting in 2018

The development of such an innovative investment tool as the ICO has created the need to inform businessmen about its concept, details and challenges, and the best way to do it is an ICOs conference. Considering that in many countries the legalization of the ICO is only being discussed, the interest in the issue is only growing.

Crypto Economy and ICO: World Tour in 2018

The nearest date of the conference is April 26. The location is Singapore. Next ones are Sydney (01.05), Mumbai (04.05), New York (13.05), etc. The program consists of several stages and many prominent speakers are going to take part in discussions. They are Nils Veenstra (Director, BECON), Nick Ayton (Chainstarter, CEO), Gordon Einstein (Crypto Law Partners).


After the registration and the traditional coffee-time Nils Veenstra opens the conference. His Keynote Presentation reveals the current situation concerning the Token sales. Nick Ayton talks about the current activity in the ICO field in 2017 -2018 and presents a comparative analysis of these periods, provides projections of the current year. How are ICOs developing, how do the new rules affect, and what opportunities will investors get? The expert also talks about the problems of the current banking system.

Legal issues

Gordon Einstein is responsible for the information in the section “The Legally Compliant ICO / TGE”. The specialist has the necessary knowledge of government regulators’ politics and thoroughly understands the legal structures. His tips will provide answers to the legal questions; reveal the location of all the pitfalls and ways to overcome the obstacles in any situation.

Experience in ICOs

In the "Meet the ICOs" section several innovative blockchain projects will be presented. Their organizers reveal the secrets of working capital increasing and the effectiveness of selling tokens. Attraction of investors is in better sharing the information about benefits of the crypto investment. While the detailed examination of ICO Marketing, visitors will learn how to properly promote the idea and attract the attention of the community for the successful sales.

After lunch, there will be a panel on the topic Cryptocoin Revolution. The question of Engage or Deny ICOs is more relevant more than ever. The owners of VC-companies, who have presented hundreds of start-ups, share their experience. How did the new world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies change the situation? An interesting point for discussion concerns an increasing number of traditional investors who are involved in cryptoeconomics.

Traditional business models and the Initial Coin Offering

At one of the final stages of the ICOs conference, the Tokenizing ecosystems in existing industries panel are held. Under this program the experience of traditional companies, that are working with certain business models and have a successful product, will be presented. Most of them are going to issue their tokens. What opportunities does this step provide? Will the client base enlarge as a result? These and many other actual issues are highlighted during the conference.

World Blockchain Forum

When and where

The topic of the World Blockchain Forum – 2018, that will be hold on the 16-17 of April is “Investments and ICO”. Welcome to sunny Dubai! The event is going to be placed in one of the most fabulous places – in the Jumeirah Mina A’Salam. Have you ever been here? It doesn’t matter in fact, because everyone is dreaming to come back to the luxurious location time and again. So don’t miss such an opportunity.


Only 750 people can attend the event, so hurry to order a ticket, as their number decreases every day. Investors, CEOs, specialists of the banking sector and IT, as well as other respected experts are going to attend the conference. It will give each participant a chance to work effectively in the network, to learn about new technologies thoroughly and to find new partners for business.

The content of the event provides for a wide range of topics related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and ICOs. The investment schemes and legal aspects will be discussed, startups are presented. During the two-day conference, the audience will hear a lot of speakers. Each of them is reporting for 20 minutes. A modern and stunning showroom allows you to conduct negotiations, including the comfortable tete-a-tete zone.


The best representatives of the financial world - managers, investors, advisers in various issues, marketers, businessmen and even statesmen - will speak for two days.

Col. Saeed M. Al hajri
Dr. Marwan Azarouni
Mohammed Shael Al Saadi
Dr. Noah Raford
Halsey Minor
Dr. Moe Levin
Eric Wang
Eran Eyal
Ola Oudin and many others.

Don’t waste time and register on one of the upcoming ICOs conferences!