ICO of the week: Zenome

ICO of the week: Zenome

Project name: Zenome

Web site: https://zenome.io/
What’s it about: a decentralized blockchain-based data system of genomic information
Crowdsale period: 17/10/2017 – 24/10/2017
Project target: 1 mln. USD min. target

About the project:

Zenome represents a distributive peer-to-peer service aiming to organize management of genomic data. The project allows users to provide access to variable parts of genomes. Such information can be used for scientific and medical purposes. One great advantage, offered with introduction of Zenome platform allows people get personalized medical treatment regardless their location.

The platform acts as a bridge between users, analysts and service providers allowing them to interact within the Zenome service. Shared information can further be gathered by Analysts. The main function of service providers is implementation of userspace genetic service.

The platform is powered by blockchain technologies which enable to protect users’ data. They also can define which details and parts of data are accessible. This process is maintained by the system of smart contracts as well as encryption means.

Features of the project:

Zenome is kniwn as a unique project within the blockchain-powered market. Genomic industry is constantly growing and today is ruled by some large pharmaceutical establishments of the globe. Zenome can becoma a real revolution of genomic data market.
Zenome is a Peer-to-peer platform.
ZNA is the internal Ethereum-based platform’s currency.
Among the risks of the ICO are possibility of underinvesting due to the rather minimalistic target and a long period to finish the launch.

The team:

The Zenome project was started in the USA by the team of developers of Russian origin. Alexey Gorbachev, one the Zenome co-founders is a Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of molecular biology and biochemistry. Nikolay Kulemin, who is the second project’s co-founder, is a Ph.D. in the field of bioinformatics who specializes in bioinformatics together with mathematical biology. Dmitry Kwon is an advisor of the project and expert in molecular genes.