ICO of the week: WePower

ICO of the week: WePower

Project name: WePower

Web site: https://wepower.network/
What’s it about: Green energy exchange platform
Crowdsale period: 2017-09-22 – 2017-10-22
Project target: Soft cap 20400000 WPR

About the project:

Within the framework of the WePower platform, it is planned to solve the main projects’ problem — a construction of sources of renewable “green” energy. Until recently, banks lent about 80% of the funds for the construction of renewable energy facilities. Now, even if there is a ready engineering project and permissive documentation, it all depends on the fact that to start building a power plant, the investor needs to have at least 50% of his own funds before he can get a loan from the bank.

As a result, there are a huge amount of ready-made projects, but there is not enough finance for their implementation — this money gap is planned to be closed with the help of the WePower platform, where ordinary people can be attracted as investors instead of large institutional funds.

In this case, each power plant will issue its own token, which guarantees a fixed price in kilowatt-hours. The planned return on investment is expected at 30% per annum.

According to the road map of the WePower platform, the actual commissioning of the first operating facilities is planned for the summer of 2018 — now everything is ready for the construction of a network of solar power stations in Spain.


The project team is experienced people who have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. is headed by the well-known energy expert Nikolai Martynyuk. Leading specialists and programmers work together with him. Specialists are involved in financing, investing, investing in securities and many others. All this makes it possible to make the work harmonious and effective.