ICO of the week: Tokia

ICO of the week: Tokia

Project name: Tokia
Website: https://www.tokia.io
What’s it about: the ultimate cryptocurrency mobile wallet

Token time line sale: 04/12/2017-15/03/2018

Project target: tokens worth 50 mln USD have been put up on sale, the target is 36 mln USD.

About the project:
The idea behind the project is dictated by the needs of the participants of the cryptocurrency market: one wallet for both the fiat money and the cryptocurrency that will enable to store and save assets, easily exchange currency and would be tied to a debit card, which will be used in the offline trading.
It’s Important to add that Tokia is a mobile platform, so all technical developments of the project are focused on the smart phone solutions and tools.
One of the key selling points of the project – is a zero commission fee for exchange. The platform also enables to earn from lending digital assets and suggests a banking instrument for bitcoin acquisition.

Features of this ICO:
A system offering different levels of services is suggested for token holders: premium wallets will be open to those who buy over 3000 tokens, the free exchange limit upgrade will be suggested to those who acquire over 5000 tokens.

The project has already been supported by a number of serious investors. This August Tokia has collected over 500 thousand USD.
By March the platform should be in full operation.

Risks of investing are medium: one should take in regards that the team doesn’t have strong tech players and that the debit card usage and processing to date remains unclear.

The team:
The international team includes several strong managers in the list. The project has British origins. Tokia has two key founders. Anna Lunhu, holding an extensive banking experience: among her previous places of work are AndBank and Euroclear. The second co-founder is Nathan Tafer, the guru of fintech, known for previous projects in HSBC. What’s interesting the advisory board includes Jibrel’s founder Talal Tabba, along with the founder of Praecom.oy – Mr. Aki Stolt from Finland.