ICO of the week: Stash

ICO of the week: Stash

Project name: Stash

Website: https://www.stashpay.io/
What’s it about: Simple, Immediate, Secure cryptocurrency for everyone
Crowdsale period: presale 24/09/2017 – 11/11/2017, crowdsale 11/11/2017-12/12/2017
Project target: 500 million of Stash coins available at crowdsale, the maximum cap will reach $36,000,000

About the project:

Stash introduces a blockchain ecosystem powered by Ethereum. According to the developers’ staff the project was organized taking into account all the advantages of previously launched crypto projects. The main objective of Stash is the creation and the development of a widely used virtual currency. The Stash cryptocurrency is supposed to be a combination of the most advanced standards of digital currencies such as BitCoin, Dash together with ZCash. Among the key features of the ecosystem are open code, decentralization, autonomy. The Stash platform has the intention to act on the principles of self-governaning and self-funding.

Developers intend to introduce debit cards to operate with classic merchants and mobile wallets in order to further promote the project.

Features of the project:

  • The Stash platform is supposed to ensure fast transferring processing times through the StashSwift blockchain-powered technology (it is considered to be more efficient than traditional peer-to-peer layer applied to BitCoin) which gives the opportunity to shorten the processing time at least twice.
  • The ecosystem utilizes almost the same protective technology as ZCash. It ensures the complete anonymity of fund transferring while providing possibility of transaction validation.
  • According to the founding members, the Stash virtual currency proved to be 20 times more capable than BitCoin. Thanks to the incentivized node network the Stash platform is able to conduct quick transferring of 20 volume megabyte blocks.
  • By the means of extraordinary high power the company doesn’t charge any fees or their size approaches zero.
  • One of the project’s peculiarities is its self-funding. It means than by the end of every month the company locks 10% of miners’ revenues to use it for further development of the project. All the proposals related to the platform are supposed to be made by the participants and all the decisions are made through the voting.

The team:

The developers of the project are qualified experts. David Nowacki performing as the Chief Executive and being one of the co-founders of Stash has invaluable experience working in the field of capital markets for Macquarie Bank, Commsec as well as BlackPearl Capital Partners. Mike Beacham, the co-founder and the leader of the technical department, is an experienced programmer who was one of the Bitcoin and the Dash cryptocurrency first miners and contributors. Thomas Hitchens guides the work of engineering stuff. He also manages the technique known as Partner of Click and Brick together with venture capital agency. Adam Dossa, former Executive Director of Interest Rate Derivative Risk of Morgan Stanley is among the advisors of the project.