ICO of the week: SocialMedia.Market

ICO of the week: SocialMedia.Market

Project name: SocialMedia.Market

Web site: https://socialmedia.market/en
What’s it about: The first influencer marketing platform powered by blockchain solutions
Crowdsale period: 16/11/2017 – 20/11/2017
Project target: 30.000.000 SMTs hard cap (approx. 11 mln USD)

About the project:

SocialMedia.Market introduces a disruptive marketing platform, powered by capabilities of Ethereum, offering wide opportunities for social media influencers and advertising campaign conduction. The main objective of the platform is to bridge brand and social media activists like bloggers, creating a dedicated community for open and transparent interaction and cost reduction.

According to the team of developers of the SocialMedia.Market project, traditional advertisement ways and methods are producing less positive effect each year. Brand promotion influencer marketing becomes extremely popular over recent years. Utilizing capabilities of SocialMedia.Market environment participants will get possibility to cooperate with social media celebrities directly, not with the help of intermediaries. System of smart contracts together with solutions provided by blockchain the platform prevents frauds and ensures the highest level of security.

Features of the project:

  • The crowdsale is planned to be held in 2 periods.
  • The beta version will be announced in early 2018.
  • The project is compatible with ERC-20 token standard.
  • Among the advisors are Alex Yastremskiy, Legal Counsel and Blockchain compliance expert at Bitfury Group and Slavik Nenaydokh, COO at Centuria Natural Foods.

The team:

Dmitry Shyshov, the creator and the Chief Executive Officer of the project, is an expert of technical and gaming industry with 15 years of invaluable experience in the field. He founded R.Games, Nontita Limited. Dmitry is a co-founder of Marketing digital agency and performed as a private digital products trader. Aleksandra Morozova, the co-incorporator of SocialMedia.Market, leads the marketing department. She has experience working with largest digital companies such as Apple and Sony, Dell, Asus and Lenovo, Microsoft Xbox as well as Fibrum. Maksym Churkin, currently acting as the CTO of the project, acts as a software developer with more than 14 years of experience in the area. Viktor Perekhod is responsible for the development of the business strategies, building as well as determination of innovative business opportunities.