ICO of the week: Snovio

ICO of the week: Snovio

Project name: Snovio

Web site: https://snov.io/
What’s it about: lead generation blockchain-based service
Crowdsale period: 31/10/2017 – 30/11/2017
Project target: 15 mln. USD

About the project:

Snovio introduces a distributed ecosystem on the basis of crowd collection. The main purpose of the service is to collect data. The project plans to engage large amount of people in gathering valuable data.

This information will be utilized for creating databases as well as lead generation. This information can further be used by commercial establishments and organizations. The main idea of the Snovio platform is to make the lead generation process open and transparent. Such steps enable companies to purchase only appropriate for their needs datasets. It means organizations can ask for specific target audiences while platform agents get paid for services of searching relevant data.

SNOV token will be used for purchases within the platform while systems of smart contracts maintain the payment process.

The service is powered by blockchain solutions which enable to reduce prices for leads databases, services of freelancers and recruiters.

Features of the project:

  • The project is launched and now the proprietary database contains more than 350,000 contacts. The plugin was installed more than 4,000 times. World-renowned companies such as UBER, Lego, Soundcloud, Oracle, Ubisoft are among the participants of the project.
  • The project’s token is ERC20 compatible.
  • Snovio is the unique blockchain-based project and has no rivals on the market.
  • Venture capital fund Starta Capital secures the Escrow.
  • Risks connected with investing are very small.

The team:

The developers of the project are Ukrainians. Alexis Kratko is the Chief Executive officer and founder of the project. The PM, Web Developer of Snovio is Alexander Zhadko, who is responsible for the development of data collection algorithm. Rodion Yaremenko, the Chief Technology officer and web developer, build the architecture of the platform. The advisory board consists of TrueFlip, Universa and Starta Capital experts.