ICO of the week: Prosense

ICO of the week: Prosense

Project name: Prosense

Web site: https://ico.prosense.tv/ru/
What’s it about: decentralized streaming platform for sharing VR content , empowered by
Crowdsale period: 19/10/2017-15/11/2017
Project target: hard cap 30,000,000 USD

About the project:

The Russian company Prosense has developed the first block-based platform in the world, designed for VR-broadcasts. In addition, the team goes to the ICO.

Prosense created a decentralized P2P platform based on the ProsenseLive blockbuster. Users of this platform can view and manage VR-streams, for which they can receive a cash reward in the local currency of the platform. During the ICO, it is planned to raise $30 million. It will begin in November 2017.

Petersburg companies Prosense.tv decided to fully engage in the monetization of high-quality VR-content.

Using ProsenseLive, professional users will be able to conduct live broadcasts, while simply and clearly receiving a reward. In this case, even beginner tape drives will be able to arrange paid closed broadcasts, while maintaining confidentiality.

The very encryption, transcoding and delivery of content will be carried out through the decentralized network of partners of Prosense Nodes, which, in turn, will receive a reward in the form of tokens.

ICO — companies will be launched on November 3 and will last until December 28. During the ICO, it is planned to implement 720 million tokens, which will later be used within the platform. The total amount the company plans to raise is 30 million US dollars.


The project was created by the Russian team of developers, it includes 30 people with huge experience in the sphere of VR-translations. Stanislav Glukoedov is the head and co-founder of the project, the master of VR technologies responsible for the PROSENSE.TV system. Vladimir Bakuteev is a co-founder of the project, an experienced entrepreneur, he has over 15 years of experience in IT and Internet business. In addition, Baketyev is the founder of Livetex, a platform for multichannel sales and service, on which about 5000 famous companies from around the world take an active part. Grigory Vasinkevich – co-founder of the project, an investor and an experienced entrepreneur, the founder of the payment service DengiOnline and online piggy bank Qasl.ru. Natalia Kopylova is a co-founder, previously worked as a marketing manager at Motorola, Google and Arris Inc.