ICO of the week: Privatix

ICO of the week: Privatix

Project name: Privatix

Web site: https://privatix.io/
What’s it about: Bandwidth Marketplace relying on the peer-to-peer VPN Blockchain-powered Network
Crowdsale period: 19/10/2017-16/11/2017
Project target: hard cap 57,142 ETH

About the project:

Privatix introduces a service utilizing Ethereum blockchain solutions. The project is developed to provide services of unused traffic trading. The distinguishing features of Privatix are its decentralization and autonomy. It acts in the form of peer-to-peer virtual private networking system enabling bandwidth exchange. The main aim of the project is to offer a marketplace for people with free internet traffic from all over the globe.

The project is the result of implementation of sharing economy. It intends to become an innovative large network for selling and buying internet time. Participant who provide their extra free traffic get paid for it while those lacking internet time can purchase it for a hardy fair price.

In the long range the platform will offer special opportunities for developers and can potentially revolutionize the VPN, cyber security, Content Delivery Networks, business intelligence as well as software and mobile application monetization markets. It will offer various anticensorship instruments for developers, cross-platform VPN services on the basis of blockchain technologies together with a marketplace ensuring Proxy/Socks exchanges by the means of APIs.

Features of the project:

  • The platform is currently available in the form of VPN service. More than 800,000 users have already joined the project.
  • There are no rivals of Privatix on the market. The project has applied for a patent in the United States.
  • Privatix will offer the benefits of cross platform blockchain-powered VPN, Proxy/Socks API-based exchange platform as well as anticensorship instruments for creators.
  • Privatix will be protected against blocking due to its ability to transfer between various blockchain ecosystems.

The team:

The developers of Privatix have Russian origins and the project itself was developed in Russia. Dmitry Rusakov is the leader of the project who has found a large range of promising projects. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Management and successfully performs as an experienced marketer acting in countries like Israel, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The Privatix’s Chief Technology Officer and the co-Founder acts as a Software architect and senior full stack developer. One another co-founder, an experienced Informational Technologies expert and business developer Rubtsov Dmitriy is responsible for the development of operations and business.