ICO of the week: MedCredits

ICO of the week: MedCredits

Project name: MedCredits

Website: https://www.medcredits.io/
What’s it about: it is a decentralized telemedicine platform that can help establish contact between a patient and a doctor in any country.
Crowdsale period: 17/10/2017 – 30/11/2017
Project target: there are 100 millions MedCredits coins, which everyone can buy

About the project:

MedCredits wants to change the way a doctor is searched, providing patients with the most complete file of all acting doctors in the world. And for specialists to create a convenient online platform, which stores all the data about patients, including the medical history, tests, doctors’ conclusions and so on.

The beta version of protocol under the name Hippocrates is the world’s first decentralized healthcare network which can be used in a variety of areas: from telemedicine ($200 billion market, Nielsen) to purchase / drug sales and diagnostics. The technology is implemented on the basis of the famous OpenBazaar, it is a P2P-network, to which 3 roles can join: doctors, patients or administrators (apparently, in the person of the chief physician). The most unusual, and at the same time interesting application was suggested by creators of the project. Imagine that you have a toothache — you publish an offer in a system with a price that is ready to pay for treatment and immediately see the nearest dental clinics ready to receive you, with pages of dentists working in them, with a detailed questionnaire of each specialist, ratings, reviews, and so on. Further, by the time you come, the dentist already has pictures of your teeth, a history of treatment, and everything you need to get started. All data on the unit is therefore safe and confidential. Saves time, effort and money on the face.

Obviously, such a system will only work with simple diseases that are quickly amenable to treatment, but it is also a huge market, on which MedCredits can count its mission accomplished. Since Hippocrates is an open protocol, it is possible to create any decentralized applications using the ready infrastructure.

The main features:

  • At the moment the release of the program has already been launched and in early 2018 the company is going to start a test version of the platform.
  • MedCredits allows you to create a huge database of patients from all corners of the world, and at the same time completely protecting all the information of the passwords that are given out to each user.
  • The presence of the open source code of the program will allow everyone to create various additions to the original system.


The project developers are highly qualified professionals in their field. MedCredits was founded by two doctors who received a medical degree from the College of Therapy and Surgery of Columbia University. The founders of MedCredits are actively interested in blockchain technology and crypto-currency since 2014.

Other members of the team include Ryan Cody and Paul Howarth. The first one is carrying out technical research and is an expert in the field of engineering. The second person monitors the safety of the entire project in the information flow. Paul was also rewarded for some of his services in the field of software.