ICO of the week: Jibrel

ICO of the week: Jibrel

Project name:  Jibrel

Web site: https://jibrel.network/
What’s it about: Jibrel provides traditional financial assets, as ERC-20 tokens, on the Ethereum blockchain
Crowdsale period: 27/11/2017 – 26/12/2018

About the project:

Jibrel will allow users of the platform to tokenize traditional assets. In other words currencies, bonds and other financial instruments can be converted, tokenized and sold on the blockchain platform. Investors can sell their assets on-chain, benefiting from on-chain / off-chain arbitrage. Jibrel is also needed to DAO’s and funds for diversifying their crypto-holdings into more stable assets.

Jibrel has its original Network Token – (JNT). The token can be exchanged for CryptoDepository Receipts (CryDRs). CryDRs can be exchanged for the underlying asset’s value in JNT with the Jibrel Decentral Bank (Jibrel DAO) at any given point in time. As the information on the official website shows: “Fiat CryDRs can be used for remittances, global payments, trading and hedging. CryDRs can also be used to create automated and decentralized financial instruments – such as bonds, commodities, debt instruments and securities”.

Features of the project:

  • Jibrel has already raised $3m USD in private investment from government and financial institutions.
  • Jibrel Network is based on smart-contracts. It is an ERC-20 token standard, based on the Ethereum.
  • The team has a very strong advisory board that includes: Don Tapscott, the acclaimed author Blockchain Revolution and is one of the world’s leading authorities on blockchain technology; Ruslan Gavrilyk, CEO & Founder of TaaS Fund; and among other Stephen Murphy, CEO of Genesis Global Tech.

The team:

The Jibrel Foundation is based in Zug, Switzerland. The project CEO and Co-founder is Yazan Barghuthi. He has over 9 years of financial services experience at top management consultancies such as Oliver Wyman and Deloitte. He is proficient at Javascript, HTML, CSS, React and most front-end frameworks. The Technical Lead and Co-founder of the project is Victor Mezrin. Victor has over 10 years of development experience and he was previously involved in the blockchain industry activites. He is proficient at C++/C, Python, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Solidity. Talal Tabbaa, another Co-Founder and BizDev Lead, has over 6 years of experience in financial advisory roles at top tier consultancies (PwC) as well as private investment funds. He is proficient at Python and SQL and is learning front-end development.