ICO of the week: DreamTeam

ICO of the week: DreamTeam

Project name: DreamTeam

 Web site: https://token.dreamteam.gg/
What’s it about: E-sports and gaming recruitment and management platform
Crowdsale period: 20/11/2017 – 24/11/2017
Project target: 10 000 000$ (Included in overall cap)

About the project:

DreamTeam is an Ethereum-powered project with the implementation of ERC20 standard, which occupies a niche in the e-sports industry. It is created to offer an appropriate solution to gamers for simplifying the process of gaming administration. Gamers get an opportunity to get paid for playing favorite games as well as taking part in interesting and exiting competitions. The DreamTeam service also helps teams to streamline sponsorship deals for Esports teams, media right trading as well as the process of player transferring. The project offers eSports and Gaming capabilities for team creation, development, management, maintenance and monetization.

With the DreamTeam participants can easy find relevant players or even whole teams through its open and clear system resembling NBA’s one, which provides extensive range of options from starters to world top players. The project participants can utilize their tokens for stock exchange trades.

Features of the project:

  • Users and third party services or platforms can spend the project’s tokens in the platform itself as well as for stock exchange tradings.
  • The advisory stuff will get 5% of tokens, 10% will ensure the reserve while 10% will be distributed among the founders and first contributors.
  • There is still no information about when the project will be included in stock exchange platforms.

The team:

Alexander Kokhanovsky acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Dreamteam, having worked over 7 years within the field of videogaming. He is the forebear of Natus Vincere (Na Vi) – the most famous videogame team in the world of Esports. He holds ESForce shares. Volodymyr Panchenko, the co-founder, was involved in the develpment of the worldwide famous private marketplace of virtual goods (with more than 15 million games being sold out during the last five years). Volodymyr is also known as the creator of the second largest digital goods market platform – skins.cash, where over 10 million goods being sold during the previous year. Andriy Khavryuchenko, working in the software development field more than 26 years, leads the technical department of the project and acts as the platform’s Blockchain Architect.