ICO of the week: Dmarket

ICO of the week: Dmarket

Project name: Dmarket

Web site: https://dmarket.io/
What’s it about: Platform intended to become the worldwide marketplace for trading virtual game items
Crowdsale period: 13/11/2017 – 28/11/2017
Project target: hard cap 50,000 ETH

About the project:

Dmarket represents an ecosystem on the basis of Ethereum platform which enables users to trade and exchange goods and items from a large variety of gaming platforms. Each participant has his individual wallet bound to blockchain, while every transaction and payment is fully secured and protected the systems of smart contracts. It means no intermediaries and third parties are participating the process. Such infrastructure helps to reduce costs because using these transparent methods doesn’t require extra fees or commissions.

According to the developing team the platform will provide gamers a wide range of opportunities, allowing them to trade and exchange gaming goods in no more than a single click. Dmarket is open for cooperation enabling gaming developers to easily connect their software to the platform. Such interaction should result in revenue rising, customers attraction and increasing of existing users’ loyalty.

The main idea behind the Dmarket project is using gaming for commercial needs, which will allow earning, exchanging and trading goods particularly needed to gamers or extremely popular among them.

Features of the project:

  • In the preliminar initial coin offering period the project raised $9 mln and sold approximately 30 mln tokens, exceeding the minimum target.
  • Investors have contributed more than $2,5 mln. Among the contributors is one of the most respective venture capital funds in the cryptocurrency industry – Pantera Capital.
  • The project development is almost completed with currently operating Exonum-powered the blockchain network. The API ensuring the connection with gaming platforms developers is also functioning as well as the Dmarket architecture has been developed. The final stage of project’s development involves the construction of meta service which will be responsible for the ensurance of the information storage and security.
  • Among the advisors of Dmarket are Oren Klaff, the founder of Intersection Capital, Brian Kerr, the Managing Director of GL Ventures, the creator as well as the Chief Executive at Fnatic Gear, Oleg Yavorsky, the co-founder of developing company known as Vostok Games, Evgeniy Grygorovych, leading the project development department in GSC Game World company (known for the development of game series such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Cossacks).
  • Steam is considered to be the strongest rival of Dmarket.

The team:

The developing stuff includes more than 100 experts of Ukrainian origins. Volodymyr Panchenko, the leader and the Chief Executive of Dmarket, has created the widely known digital game trading platform named Suntechsoft (with over 15pln gaming products being sold through services such as Ebay, G2A and Kinguin during the last 5 years) together with the skins.cash platform, known as the renowned digital item marketplace. Alexander Kokhanovskyy, the co-founder of the project, is an experienced professional of the eSports industry, having created the worldwide known virtual gaming team Na Vi (Natus Vincere). Andriy Khavryuchenko acts as the DASH cryptocurrency senior developer.