ICO of the week: Crycash

ICO of the week: Crycash

Project name: Crycash

Website: https://crycash.io/

What’s it about: a gaming system based on the Ethereum algorithm focused on creating the perfect ecosystem for passing transactions

Token time line sale: 12/12/2017 – 31/01/2018

Project target: the hard capitalization is kept in secret by the founders of the project, but as soon as the 70% target will be reached, it will be announced

About the project:

Crycash is an all in one platform for gamers: the purpose of the platform is to make the life of gamers from all over the world easier. Gamers will use Crycash for communication and messaging, interaction between each other, earning the native tokens of the platform by performing tasks, tracking the activity of other gamers across multiple platforms.

As any gaming ecosystem, the project is based on several instruments that are implemented for operation on the blockchain. Founders of the project are planning to launch a mobile application first of all, which is absolutely not surprising taking in regards the amount of people using Smartphone devices for gaming. Here are the other tools featured by Crycashs: surely the project offers users a marketplace for token acquisition and exchange, as well as transaction processing which is called Cryengine; another tool for developers and other companies using the Crycash will be the advertising platform. The third important feature of the project is the CyberSport Platform. Crycash has a wallet that supports native tokens CRC.

Features of this ICO:

The test version of the mobile Plink application is ready for operation; early birds will be the first to get access to it.

The project has signed partnership with the largest company offering products for gamers called the Crytek. This cooperation will give Crycash a number of supporters from the start.

Another key selling point of this ICO is partnership with Warface: users who will complete tasks in the game will earn extra rewards.

The idea behind the project is definitely not new in the cryptocurrency field. One of the main competitors of the project is GameCredits that unfortunately proved to be unsuccessful. The general risks of investing in this ICO can be considered medium. Though the project has only started developing in the beginning of 2017 one may see that the developers have gone really far and are ready to go forward with launching the project in the next couple of months.

The team:
The project has two co-founders. Mr. Faruk Yearly is responsible for general management in Crycash. Mr. Michael Khaimzon is developing the creative part of Crycash. Among other team members you will find: CEO Wachtang Budugaschwili, CTO Daniel Tamas and Sally Shen put in charge for business development.