ICO of the week: APPCOINS

ICO of the week: APPCOINS

Project name: Appcoins

Web site: https://appcoins.io/en
What’s it about: the platform for creating, monetizing apps, building the customized marketplace
Token time line sale: 13/12/2017-15/01/2019
Project target: hard capitalization 60,120 ETH

About the project:

Appcoins is a platform operating on open protocol. The protocol and the blockchain based on ERC-20 standard was created for developers and app stores. It offers app monetizing solutitions for developers and a token payment standard, which can be used by appstores.
Appstore run across the problem of developer identification each time a new app appears in the store carrying reputation risks, if the new product contains unsecure software. On the other side app developers have to pay additional fees to third parties each time they are launching a new product. While the end users of the applications are considered about the credibility of the apps they are downloading and the appstore they are transferring the payments.
Appcoins APPC token and the smart contract are offering solutions to all of the mentioned problems. The project is offering three solutions: tools for advertising in the apps, billing digital system and app approval system.

Features of this ICO:

The project is already launched and the system can be tested. A beknown company Aptoide has already started using the protocol of Appcoins and its site is to date is used by over 200 mln people.
Over 20 mln app tokens have been purchased by participants during the crowdsale, that is almost 7 mln ETH, calculating in fiat currency the project has already raised 144 $ mln just by funds from early birds.
The ICO has managed to attract serious investors including Eventures, Portugal ventures and Gobi Partners. The advisory board of Appcoins is quite impressive: Chriss Miess worked in Goldman Sachs and was involded in the Tenx project, Ryan Terrebelini is known for his strategic developments in Ripple, Adam Stradling was standing at the origins of bitcoin.com.

Founders of the project:

The team is technically strong. Founder of the project is Paulo Trezentos, known for founding LinuxCM. Alvaro Pinto, COO, was previously the ECOP president. Generally the team consists of 18 people. The company is registered in California, but has Portuguese origins.