ICO of the week: Aeron

ICO of the week: Aeron

Project name: Aeron

Website: https://aeron.aero/
What’s it about: Blockchain platform securing aviation safety
Crowdsale period: 21/09/2017 – 02/12/2017
Project target: 100 million tokens issued

About the project:

Aeron is a blockchain-powered project which intends to maintain transparency and protection in the aviation section. The main focuses of the service are aircraft maintenance together with pilot logs tracking. The idea is to offer a distributive database as well as a web service verifying pilot logs in the online mode.

Aeron platform is comprised of three core components. The first one is the Pilot application which can be launch on smartphone as well as on computer. The application is used to register data about personal flight hours. The second component is the aerotrips.com Internet portal which acts as the database containing aviation services on the basis of blockchain solutions. Finally, the third component is a corporate application used by aviation companies, where information about schools, companies as well as other establishments connected to aviation is stored.

The system is protected from any kinds of frauds by smart contracts.

Features of the project:

  • Aeron is an Ethereum-powered platform which utilizes the ERC-20 token standard. It is impossible to alter data stored within the platform.
  • The Aeron project is fully protected by the means of cryptographically protected database which is known as the system of smart contracts.
  • During the presale period Aeron has collected approximately $1 mln.
  • The development of the platform was started in 2016, and the team is planning to integrate Aeron with blockchain till April 2018.
  • Despite the developers are experts in the aviation sector, it remains in question whether the developing team will be able to lobby with aviation authorities all around the world.

The team:

Artem Orange, the Chief Executive Officer of Aeron, is an experienced entrepreneur with a wide range of successful technical projects. Nadezhda Barkanova, the project’s Chief Technical Officer had been specializing in air traffic management engineering for 11 years. Her main responsibility is to product aeronautical database, flight crew training systems together with flight simulators. Konstantin Gertman, another Aeron co-founder, is a certified EASA pilot and one of the founders and developers of aerotrips.com.