Hypernet ICO Review

Hypernet ICO Review

Key Information

How to participate

Hypernet Token sale/presale dates were not announced yet. No information about soft/hard cap, Hypernet token price, number of tokens planning to generate etc. can be found in open sources. 

Hypernet team offers everyone who wants to participate in project, filling this form for performing a virtual meeting.


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Last updated on: June 26, 2018


Dates of ICO

Number of tokens

ICO Profit



1000000000 GNT




331,36 million SNM




86,999,784 RLC




Briefly, Hypernet is a protocol for high-performance computing via creating a distributed network of devices. Member of the network can earn system tokens by selling his/her free computing resources, and buyers can make potentially infinitely scalable network of devices. Blockchain application playing here the role of the scheduler which analyses the buyer’s needs and available resources. Here are the stages of work using the Hypernet:

  • The buyer starts a smart contract which contains minimum requirements such a number of CPU, amount of memory, storage, network bandwidth, price etc. Scheduler informs sellers via Ethereum network
  • When the contract is signed by all the participants, they are starting to perform the calculations according to the smart contract 
  • Smart contract may include checkpoints which can be paid to sellers when reached

WP contains theoretical background of the process and examples of distribution when performing some calculations.

Hypertoken has these roles in the ecosystems:

  • Internal currency of the project
  • Reputation system
  • Voting system

So, it looks like the product is innovative and interesting for market, despite of MVP absence. 

Hypernet ico Roadmap

WP and website contains only technical roadmap which contains reachable and measurable milestones like readiness of some product components. Scheduler and Consensus API will be ready in Aug 2018, full product release will be reached in Dec 2018.

Business Plan

Unfortunately, website and technical WP contains no business plan or financial model, tokenomics or some other related information.  Probably it will be ready closer to public ICO if it will be performed. Token model is only described; let’s mark that the ecosystem makes possible the token mining.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy described in WP or website, but the Telegram channel has more than 22K followers, so the idea of Hypernet looks popular, despite airdrop or bounty information absence. Project also has Reddit, Medium and Facebook pages, Twitter account. Unfortunately, it has no Bitcointalk threads yet.

Understanding the Target Audience

The target audience of the project is all computer owners who want to make money using their machines.  

Competitive Advantage

Hypernet has no close competitors despite the existing products. Cloud computing now is using either in specialized internal networks or in products which are more advertising or charity than commercial – like SETI@home, for example (screensaver in early 2000-s which performed the cloud computing for SETI – project of searching alien civilizations via analyzing space radio signals). 

Team of Hypernet

Team looks well-balanced and having live LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, at least one of the members has successful and proved ICO participation. But there are only 6 persons – it may be insufficient for so a global project.

There are only 3 advisors on board, and they are financial and ICO-related persons.

So the team looks strong but not sufficient yet for completing the project. Maybe it will be enhanced in the next stages of development.

Additional Commentaries

Let’s see on this product through the prism of formalized rating







0 – unknown team

1 – known team without successful ICOs

2 – famous team with successful projects portfolio

3 – famous team with succesfun ICOs



Samy Biyadi has the ICO participation experience


1 – social networks

2 – game development

3 – mobile applications development

4 – fintech (including new altcoins development

5 – new blockchain applications



Hypernet looks innovative and there are no projects on market with the same idea

Stage of Development

0 – idea only

1 – idea + examples

2 - MVP

3 – alfa version

4 – upgrade of existing entity



Hypernet is on early development stage

Social Network activities

1 for each social network (maximum 23, according wiki)


4 + 10

There are only 4 social networks available, but 10 means more than 22K Telegram channel followers

Total Benchmark: 10,9 

Maximum Benchmark: 16,3  

Total Benchmark is higher than 2/3 of Maximum Benchmark, so our position is positive.

Final Conclusion

Hypernet is a project with an experienced team, innovative idea, perfect social activity (which may increase Hypernet rating of the hype) but only on early stage of development and with full absence of planned ICO or bounty/airdrops details.


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