How to transfer bitcoins: quickly, reliably and safely

How to transfer bitcoins: quickly, reliably and safely

In today's time of rapid development of Internet technologies, a lot of both electronic currencies and various cryptocurrencies appear every day, and the process of how to transfer bitcoins became very popular. Thus, in this article, we will talk about the best, and the very first cryptocurrency, known as Bitcoin. Namely, how in the most profitable way to translate, exchange and display bitcoins.

Table of content

  • Transfer of Bitcoin from the wallet to the wallet
  • Transferring Bitcoin to Webmoney
  • Transfer via EXMO exchange and subsequent cashing
  • Transfer using the monitoring of exchange points on
  • Conclusion

You can spend cryptocurrency on real estate purchase, travel, air tickets. You can find out the list of directions through the Coinmap service. It is important to transfer bitcoin profitable and safe. The methods differ in the speed of transfers, the size of the commission and the security of transactions.

We consider this topic very relevant, because, most people face difficulties when it is necessary to transfer or cash out the bitcoins. Someone can ask why should I transfer it? Someone needs to transfer bitcoin to another currency, someone needs to cash it in real money, someone wants to transfer them to a partner’s bitcoin-wallet or buy something in the online store, and someone may want to make a profitable exchange of bitcoins on webmoney or on another payment system. Many operate with bitcoin and earn money on the difference in rates, because bitcoin is a very volatile currency.

But in all cases, you need to transfer bitcoins from your wallet to another one through any exchanger, service or wallet of the exchange. And now step by step we will consider all possible methods of transfer, exchange and withdrawal of Bitcoin.

1. Transfer of Bitcoin from the wallet to the wallet

This method of transfer is for those who need to transfer bitcoin to another bitcoin wallet of your partner, friend or family. The first thing you need to do is to go to the online site of the Blockchain wallet and authorize. Then go to the section SEND MONEY.

Now you need to do the following:

  1. Click “Send money”;
  2. In the “To” field, enter the address of your recipient's bitcoin-wallet;
  3. Next, where is “Amount” enter how much bitcoin you want to send;
  4. And finally click “Send Payment” button.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in transferring bitcoins to another user. We go further.

2. Transferring Bitcoin to Webmoney

We will say right away that the way of how to transfer bitcoins to wallet of webmoney is no different from the first way, so do not worry, read carefully our instruction. And so, cryptocurrency bitcoin in webmoney wallet has the designation WMX (If anyone does not know). Now the process itself. Go to the service of replenishment and withdrawal of WMX, and click the Login button. Now, having entered your office, go to the section Enter BTC. After that you will see the details for entering WMX, you will only need to click on the “Receive” button, after which you will see the address of the bitcoin-wallet, to which you actually need to translate the bitcoin, to let them get into your webmoney wallet. Notice, everything is simple and quite interesting, is not it? Next will be even more exciting.

3. Transfer via EXMO exchange and subsequent cashing

We have already know what you are thinking about: what is this EXMO exchange? But we were prepared in advance and beforehand made a review of this service, so I would not describe its functionality here, you can get acquainted with it by going with this link.

We will say in a nutshell that with the help of the EXMO exchange it is possible not only to withdraw the bitcoins, but also to receive additional income by trading on the difference in exchange rates, for example: BTC/RUB (bitcoin / ruble). But today, actually, we are talking about transferring Bitcoin. And so, you could cash out your bitcoins with the help of the exchange, as everywhere else you need to register on the exchange.

Are you ready? If yes, then proceed:

  1. Go to the “Wallet” section;
  2. Further we find in the list of currencies BTC;
  3. After that, opposite the name of the currency, click “Refill”;
  4. And below is the bitcoin address of the exchange.

Now you have the bitcoin address to which you need to transfer your bitcoins.
How to do it, you have already known who forgot, return to the first point.
And so, you transferred, coins are on the stock exchange. Now we need to cash them.
To do this, you need to go to the “Bid” section.
Find Sell BTC, where you need to specify how many bitcoins you are willing to sell, and how much you want to get for example rubles.
Remember that in order if you want someone to buy your bitcoins, you must always put an adequate price.
After that your cryptocurrency goes away from the auction, and you already get rubles or other currencies on your wallet.

Go back to the “Wallet” section:

  1. Find the ruble/dollar or other currencies (for example, RUB);
  2. Click on the “Withdrawal” button;
  3. Choose where to withdraw your ruble/dollar or other currencies;
  4. Enter the amount and click the button to withdraw funds.

The timing of the transfer of funds is always dependent on the choice of the payment system or bank.
It has to be mentioned that at first glance this way of transferring and cashing out bitcoin seems difficult. But believe us, it's not. Try and see by it yourself.

4. Transfer using the monitoring of exchange points on

And in conclusion, our favorite way to withdraw not only cryptocurrency, but absolutely any other electronic currencies.
So, how to transfer bitcoin the help of this service - monitoring of exchange offices, in any other currency?
We will say right away that this whole process takes no more than 2 minutes.
And it is considered as the fastest one.
All you need is to go to the main monitoring page of and draw your attention to the table with a list of all electronic currencies, which is located on the left side of the site.
There are many electronic currencies for exchange and withdrawal in this table, including Bitcoin.

All you need to do is to choose:

  • In the “Send column” - Bitcoin;
  • In the ‘Get column”t, for example, Yandex.Money.

Thus, we exchange Bitcoin for Yandex.Money. But, you can choose instead of Yandex money the currency you need. We just gave an example. Let us remind you that bitcoin can be transferred only to those currencies and banks that will be highlighted in green.
After selecting a currency pair to make an exchange, a table will appear with a list of all the exchange points that exchange in this direction.

The table shows all the necessary information that will be needed when performing similar operations to output bitcoin. And this means, how much money you will get for your bitcoins, and what is an exchange rate for the transaction, which exchangers make an exchange in this direction, their reserves, reviews about the work of this or that exchange service. All you need is to click and go to the exchanger which offers the best exchange rate for the required currency and make an exchange.

As you can see, working with bitcoin is convenient, simple and fast. We can say that this cryptocurrency is a perfection, with which it is pleasant to work and what is even more interesting is that this currency is conquering the world more and more.


The use of e-currency has advantages. This is the security of transactions, the minimum transaction costs, the ability to use currency anywhere in the world. The principle of work of cryptocurrency gives an understanding that this system is designed to exclude a layer of interest-holders. You can open an account in the cryptocurrency system completely free of charge, put something on sale for this currency, and then buy something for it. You need to remember a few things:

  • There are no clear criteria influencing the course of Bitcoin. Any event can affect the cost.
  • Exchange deadlines are not set.
  • Do not trust resources with too low a rate. This is an indicator of unreliability of the service.
  • Check the URL in the address bar to avoid accidentally jump to the scam site.

Now people around the planet begin to learn how to make BTC and how to transfer bitcoins. We can say that today, of course, still not everything can be bought for bitcoins, but life does not stand still.