How to surf the dark web safely and stay anonymous

How to surf the dark web safely and stay anonymous

This article is going to tell about how to surf the dark web from your computer or mobile phone using different methods beginning with apps and ending with special proxy servers. There is also some useful information as for darknet content and the risks connected with visiting the hidden resources. We’ll discuss possible consequences that may emerge in the result of main regulations and law neglecting. And of course one must be 18+ to use the tips given below

Table of content:

  • Dark web: playground or the forbidden area?
  • Some words about the web history and the darknet appearance
  • Dark web principles of working and methods to access inside
  • I2P as a good example of existing hidden nets
  • Conclusion

Unknown, supernatural and forbidden things always attracted people. In ancient times brave explorers set out on their journey in search of new lands, treasures, or simply for adventure. Now there are no white spots on the world map, many people are fond of stalking; they visit abandoned and deserted places, sometimes risking their own lives. How about becoming a web stalker and plunging into the hidden places of the network, where not only ordinary Internet users, but also search robots can not reach?

What is the Darknet whom it is interesting for?

Initially, the Internet was conceived as a means for transferring information between the military departments. The first technology was used by the US Army representatives in the middle of the 20th century. The prototype of the Internet was called APRANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) and its task was to transfer data over long distances using special protocols over the telephone line cable quickly and not accessible for anybody else.

The project went through many stages of development and proved to be more than successful. In early 1983, everything done over many years – protocols, servers, lines, security - had finally been realized in the technology that we call the Internet. However, this development was intended exclusively for scientific and military purposes. Ordinary users began to use this achievement only in the 90s.

Now the Internet has covered almost the entire territory of the globe. In the places where there is no way to draw a line, a satellite operates. The World Wide Web has become a meeting place, a working and business space, a source of knowledge and entertainment for billions of people. But there are many hidden corners in the virtual territory, where search engines do not make their way, and access to the stored information is highly limited. This is the dark web.

The concepts of dark and deep web are often equated to each other. The deep web is also a hidden network area and moreover, it contains 96% of all information. Non-indexed search engines sites, long-abandoned resources, as well as specially hidden from public view resources are here. Darknet is the same hidden segment of the network, but those who use its services go underground intentionally

Different organizations, perhaps even secret societies, sellers of illegal goods and services, businessmen who hide taxes are not the main list of users of the dark web. In fact it is a good area for programmers and net developers, stalkers and representatives of controlling staff. The question, how to use the dark web, can be of interest to satisfy idle curiosity. Before going there ask yourself is there a need in it? At least use the safest nets and websites which can boast their good or neutral reputation.

Technical features and methods of access

There is a piece of advice that you can get to the hidden network content using the Tor browser. So it is: the software is really the most simple and accessible even for inexperienced users. Tor makes possible getting into the depths of the network, to be exact, in the above-mentioned deep web. In fact the browser with an onion bulb logo is not a harmless program.

By installing this software on your computer and activating it, your machine becomes a link of a large chain through which data passes from special servers. The chain is formed randomly, but what information is currently going through it and your PC in particular, is unknown. To provide added security, you can simply update the connection from time to time.

Anonymity is the main goal of all those who use Tor and applications based on it. It is also about iPhone and Android ones. IP is not identified, so in theory you cannot be identified. But, as practice shows, special services also improve experience and computational capabilities. That’s why it will be better for you not to register, leave any data and other traces visiting hidden resources if there is no need in it.

However, sites with the onion domain are not the darkest part of the web. Going inside the real dark net by using a program that is available for downloading and easy to install is impossible and that's why:

  • Dark web is a private network
  • It operates on the principle of p2p (Private peer-to-peer)
  • Only trusted peers are parts of the chain
  • Special protocols and ports are involved

Let's look at a darknet using the example of a hidden I2P network.

I2P was originally conceived as an invisible Internet. By the way, this network continues to be called by some users. The system is a bundle of tunnels; instead of DNS it uses address books. They are updated constantly by other users. This functionality is implemented in torrent. There are no IP addresses of course. Instead, they use an open cryptographic key, but it does not help in any way to determine the user’s location and servers of the network. A similar scheme is used for cryptocurrency you know. There are a lot of technical features concerning I2P and similar webs functionality, but our task is how to surf the dark web.

  • Install the Java machine from the official site of the program
  • Go to and download the installer
  • Read the "Post-installation actions" section carefully.
  • Install the program on the PC and after having done it run Start I2P
  • Open the control console in any browser,

It is recommended that you use a separate browser to visit I2P. You need to set the proxy server settings for any protocols as port 4444. As for visiting the resources of this network, some of them are already registered in the console of the router. I2P resource addresses are available on the Internet. They are messengers like ICQ, blogs, trading platforms, torrent trackers and even social networks. The speed of data transfer is the main problem of deep and dark networks. Due to the complex structure of I2P for some reason or other, your node may be unused for some time, communication sometimes breaks and unexpected blockages occur and continue up to 24 hours.


So, we’ve learned about some ways how to surf the dark web. It is interesting and exciting to dive into the virtual ocean depth, but let's ask ourselves the same question again. Why did we need the information stored there? An inexperienced beginner might well have a conflict with the law because of idle curiosity. Especially we don’t recommend visiting sites with illegal content, entering some personal information or purchasing something with your cryptocurrency wallet. As for the comparatively non-dangerous sites like forums, blogs and so on the same could be found in an ordinary WWW. It works faster and everything here is presented in an attractive form. The development of hidden networks is going on and it is quite possible that in the nearest future the Internet will have worthy analogues.