How to safely buy bitcoins for money yourself

How to safely buy bitcoins for money yourself
  • Information on the purchase of bitcoin is safe
  • Localbitcoins to get for yourself bitcoins independently, and safely
  • “Catch the moment.”
  • Topics in city forums

Information on the purchase of bitcoin is safe

How to safely buy bitcoins? On the Internet you will find about twenty Russian-language sites and more than fifty English-speaking, where you can safely purchase a cryptocurrency for a bank card, and other types of payments. The main guarantee for you is registration and verification on the site. Please provide your passport details

But, know that no exchange in the world, a site and another office selling bitcoins will not “double your bitcoin” in 48 hours, and even with a minimum of 0.01 BTC.

Google can make money on any advertisement, no one will judge (too zealous lawyers complete 99% of lawsuits against Google at the stage of their writing by hand), so think for yourself, do not trust the authorities.

Localbitcoins to get for yourself bitcoins independently, and safely

This site deserves a special mention. If you consider yourself to be a regular user of crypto currency, if you ever sent more than $ 1 bitcoin in your life, if you want to make exchanges and distribute bitcoin in the future without problems, then you should make yourself an account on this site immediately (if the site doesn’t open from the territory of the Russian Federation, use Tor).

The main 3 pluses of the service are that:

  • On LB there is no advertising of casinos, VPNs, servers, “banks”, pornographic sites (as on a good half of those resources that just a year ago “just wanted to help the development of bitcoin”);
  • There is a reputation system with strict rules and the need to back up the status by stuffing the LB purse with bitcoin to the point of failure (a student with 50,000 satoshi will not even be allowed to create an advertisement, but if you have 0.4 btc, then perhaps you will be accepted as Count de Monsoro);
  • Located in a foreign jurisdiction, LocalBitcoins with 99% probability will ignore the request for the issuance of user data from almost any local authorities (and from the authorities of the CIS – and 101%).

Some users are not creating a profile on LB, but they regret it later. The fact is that this site allows you not only to exchange coins with other users, but also to get acquainted with them, sometimes – to find work, friends or exchange partners in your city.

Safe way to buy bitcoins. Also there you can run into the “new business”, which advertises itself, buying and selling coins both within and outside LocalBitcoins. In the description of the terms of such a “seller” you can find a link to the automatic exchanger. Be very careful, because the rate offered by the service on LB is usually more profitable than on the website that is promoted.

“Catch the moment.”

  • Also on LocalBitcoins you can find ads about buying or selling with hands – the most ideal, in terms of anonymity, option. Of course, you can easily beat and pick up bitcoins / fiat in person, so it’s better to meet with traders in crowded places, in the afternoon, being in the company of a boxer or a girl with a gun in a bag.
  • Do you think this is a joke? Here is a news note about a guy from Florida, whom “traders” robbed for $ 28,000 in person. You will say, “Well, if they rob me, the police will help me.” The robbers are why they are going to rob those who have bitcoins, that the theft of bitcoins (like dollar cash) is extremely difficult to investigate. If you have an asset that is so valuable and anonymous – do not relax.

How many confirmations to wait after the bitcoins transfer?

  • Unconfirmed input – unconfirmed incoming bitcoins in the transaction;
  • Unconfirmed output – unconfirmed spent bitcoins in the transaction;
  • Unconfirmed parent – the transaction uses “unconfirmed” coins as new inputs;
  • Unconfirmed RBF is an unconfirmed transaction that was marked as a transaction with a “commutated commission”;
  • RBF (“double spend!”) – money was sent with a low commission, and the sender after a while created a new transaction and sent the same coins to the same addresses, but the hash of the transaction is different (the original transaction will disappear from the blockbuster);
  • 1 confirmation – the transaction is included in the block, it can more or less be trusted.

The above terms can be seen in different bitcoin-purses, as well as the transaction is closed on Blockchain. If someone sends you coins, and shows a red “double spend!”, You do not have to spend such coins and do not complete the deal in any way until you get 1 confirmation.

Many people wait for 2, 3, 6 and 12, and the miners in general – for 120 confirmations, before the coins are considered “valid coins, ready for spending (spendable outputs); However, in the history there was still no case when someone could cancel a transaction with 1 confirmation (and even more so – with 5 or 30). After all, for this he would have to roll back the blocks.

Send money:

  • Do not trust people who ask to send money without 1 confirmation, because with the help of the function Replace by Fee in the latest versions of the Electrum purse (as well as some others), it became possible to make temporary double-spending transactions, or “double waste” transactions. The method differs in that it is not described anywhere (in Russian) and assumes that there is no need for large computing power, it is easy to execute, and it allows the fraudster to deceive you, if you, for example, “changed” or the merchant, – for a large sum (but to the swindler it will be necessary to have such a sum myself).
  • Remember that never (NEVER!) Cannot ship the goods (yes, even cash) for bitcoins, in the transaction when translating, there were no six (sic! Standard-with, monsieur) confirmations – in the case of direct transaction (not through LocalBitcoins, for example – they guarantee transactions and there is no need to wait).
  • The essence of the method: First, the fraudster makes a transaction to Electrum by checking the “Use multiple addresses for delivery” and “Replaceable” (Replace by fee, or RBF) options. At the same time, the commission is set as low as possible – for example, 0.0001 btc or 0.00005, the lowest is 0.0000273 btc.

The transaction:

  • Since now these commissions do not impress the miners, the transaction will for a long time “hang” without confirmation. While it is hanging, the fraudster finds in his wallet one of those addresses where the “change” from the previous transaction left. Click on it PKM and “Send From” (or “Send from”), and then find a victim who replenishes his account mobile phone or sends money to the card, without waiting for 1 confirmation of the network.
  • The services of replenishment of mobile phones and all Ukrainian exchangers at one time admitted such things, we do not know how now. After ordering the service and having received the btc address for payment, the scammer expose the super-small commission (lol) and-and-and – “spends” unconfirmed inputs, and at the same time “exits”, because this is a change from the previous transaction.
  • It is possible to “cancel” the first transaction, which will cause its “child” to automatically disappear on the block. This is done with the help of the third transaction and the “Replace by fee” option, which in the Electrum purse will allow you to click on the first transaction and select the “Increase fee” option.
  • It will “increase the commission” by creating a “new” one instead of the first one, with the same addresses and entrances, but with a higher commission (in the order of creation, it will be the third one, but for the blocking as a result, the first and only).

Topics in city forums

On massive forums, which usually have 2-3 pcs for each self-respecting city, often the “money changers” hang, with which one can negotiate the exchange of bitcoins. Sometimes the offer is advertised under the “non-interest” sauce, but in fact, there is always a percentage. You may be repelled by this approach, but keep in mind that the percentage of forum “money changers” can reach 1-3%, while automatic and other exchangers are likely to put a 6-7% commission.

So, the transaction is completely justified, if “changed” proves that it is reliable. How he does it?

  • The topic of exchange exists for more than a year (5-7 years – the ideal “changed”);
  • A lot of positive reviews in the subject of change from accounts that do not look like bots (the number of posts exceeds 50);
  • Someone has necessarily complained about the bad service, bad course, harmfulness “money-changers”;
  • “Changed” works with a lot of directions;
  • Commissions do not exceed the level of 5% (6-7% is already the level of, and some sellers with localbitcoins);
  • The person is active in his topic, answers user questions politely and without mistakes, tolerates small trolling and pictures with a pronoun;
  • A person does not bless anyone and does not agitate for politics and religion.

If at least one of the listed conditions is not met – the forum money changer should not be trusted.

How to safely buy bitcoins? If everything is fine, the first few transactions with the seller you send money (fiat or coins) first, and then the seller does it. After a lapse of time, you can ask the seller to send money first if you need it for some reason and you do not have too large amounts to exchange. That is, the seller can afford to lose 150 dollars, but he cannot lose 5000. Transactions of 5000 dollars best of all, do not conclude at the forums.