How to obtain bitcoins in 2018: totally new trends

How to obtain bitcoins in  2018: totally new trends

The first business rule teaches us to find money in any place in the world, and the question of how to obtain bitcoins is on the top. In 2018, the excitement around cryptocurrency remains high, all financial structures talk only about cryptocurrency and its future: the incredible amounts are called, and the most fantastic earnings histories are transmitted. Someone bought an apartment for digital money. This fact has happened a couple of years ago. Someone were so lucky to earn money for a car using his or she home PC.

Table of content

  • Bitcoins have advantage over conventional money
  • Exchanges and exchangers help you to obtain bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cranes as a method of how to obtain bitcoins
  • Be involved in partnership programs and gambling
  • Bitcoin games
  • Methods of how to get free bitcoins

It is now clear that a lot of people are interested in being able to get bitcoins. The main reason is the sharp increase in the cryptocurrency market value. In addition, a lot of people are interested in cryptocurrency because a sufficient amount of a good income can be obtained without a deposit. For example, various services present you an opportunity to view ads. However, there are many ways that require money investments. They provide an opportunity to get a good profit and present advantageous options.

It should be noted that a large number of different ways to get bitcoins due to the fact that every day is harder to get cryptocurrency from the PC. That is why, users have to simply come up with new methods for obtaining desired coins.

Bitcoins have advantage over conventional money

  • Bitcoin has a characteristic of decentralized system. Any person can install a bitcoin wallet on a computer or download the application on the smartphone. After this users can make different activities with bitcoin, including selling or buying. The access to the wallet can be made from any part of the world.
  • It is not possible to freeze accounts of the users or decline their payments, because bitcoin can not be controlled by no one
  • A high level of protection is an advantage of Bitcoin. This system is very difficult to break.
  • Bitcoin gives you an opportunity to exchange fiat money or other cryptocurrencies without an intermediary.

On the Internet, operations continue making millions dollars per day.

Exchanges and exchangers help you to obtain bitcoin

There are specialized cryptocurrency exchange which are always in hand if you want to purchase or merchandise any cryptocurrency, including bitcoins. To get a profit you need to have a sufficient lange about exchanges and cryptocurrencies as well as work around any relevant events. If you are an inexperienced user it is much better to start working with a long period investments. The volatility is present and you can earn on it.

Bitcoin Cranes as a method of how to obtain bitcoins

If you want to get Bitcoin without investments, there are a lot of resources on the Internet. The main are cranes. As a rule, signing up for these sites is free, but sometimes you need to go through the registration process.

The best way to collect Bitcoin without deposit is:

  • Farm cranes;
  • The crane that will produce satoshion the machine. You can use it for several hours;
  • Websites with bonuses which may have additional beneficials to complete any of the terms.
  • The Affiliate Program. They present you the opportunity to place links to professional resources and then access coins when you visit them

There are several sites that give out free bitcoins:


The site offers Bitcoin when you open in your browser some links. To get as many Satoshi as possible, you have to click once every 10 to 15 minutes, especially for the first time because this process is gradually slowing down. 25% of the bonus is paid in Haro wallet.


A website is very popular. You can view ads and get Bitcoin for this, entering validation codes, and participating in lotteries every week.

Claim BTC

This Russian website present you opportunities to collect Bitcoins. The user receives a coin every 20 minutes working with the verification code. If you visit this site every day, you will be with income every time.

Bitcoin Aliens

Acquiring Bitcoin with this program is easy. It requires to kill foreigners. Bitcoin Aliens pays you once a week on Friday.


Every 15 minutes the website will give you free Bitcoins. Because of the frequency of the payment, this resource is more profitable.

In addition, on some websites you can receive electronic money for registering your wallet, such as “HARO”. Some websites can also help you make profits of $ 30-100 a month (for example Coinflux, YourBitco or 101dogs).

Be involved in partnership programs and gambling

You can get bonuses that are not paid in fiat currency but in bitcoins for playing in a classic online game.

It possible to make money in two ways. The first situation is when users play themselves. This method has some kinds of risks because it is likely to cause losses. The second situation is to involve referrals. The last one is more reliable, depending on your opportunities and the ability to attract new customers.

A reasonable way to earn prizes is to make publications on the Internet resources, social networking sites, or other sources of information, partner affiliations. In order to transfer money to your account you should invite users or to register a new member for other activity on the service.

Bitcoin games

And the most interesting way of earning bitcoins is games. In practice, there is a limited number of games that actually allow you to get bitcoins without investment.

In order to start playing, you must first find a place where you will store earned Satoshi. It's about creating different bitcoin-wallets. Everyone can create it and it is not very difficult.

At the moment, purses can be of the following types:

  • The first type is an online wallet. For today is the most safe and reliable website for cryptocurrency storage. At the beginning a user needs to register, after that the website will give a unique number. When all these processes are done it is possible to make cryptocurrency transactions.
  • The second type is a mobile wallet. A big advantage is the fact that a user can install it on his mobile device.

After this a user can start any game. You can find a lot of them surfing the Internet. In the most cases they have a monotonous nature, however it is profitable. Very often there is a need for a captcha, and after you can get your desired satoshi to your wallet.

Methods of how to get free bitcoins

There are a lot of free ways to obtain bitcoins. We will observe every of them separately.

Cloud Mining

You can now obtain cryptocurrency in two ways: by using cloud-based mining, or by joining the pool. Today mining needs large capacities and power. As a result miners very often combine both the first and second variants. To receive profits, you need to lease the bandwidth. You can organize money for project in these ways: either invest your own funds or reinvest in production facilities. At the beginning you will have not much money, but gradually this amount will start to grow.

One of the popular websites are FreeBitco and FreeDoge. After confirming the account, you need to enable the cryptocurrency earnings function, type the minimum amount for payment and enter your data for the output of cryptocurrency.


In addition, bitcoins can also be loaned at interest. To protect yourself, you need to choose only reliable P2P-platforms. You should not trust new services, it's better to turn to trusted ones, for example BitLendingClub.


Bitcoins can be obtained through tips. You should register on the ChangeTip service. If you want to be thanked, for example, for a good book or created logo, you can also be rewarded in bitcoins.

Salary in bitcoins

If in your opinion, to mine bitcoins is to difficult and click on websites is too boring, you can try to earn cryptocurrency. Employers who pay in electronic currency are becoming more and more. They try to follow the popular trends. It is possible that your employer will not refuse to pay for your work in bitcoins. If such a salary is okey, you can talk with your employer.

To conclude it can be said that we discussed a lot of ways of how to obtain bitcoins in 2018 year. You can study all of them attentively and find the best ones for you. It is possible today to earn without investment. Do not lose your chance.