How to mine dogecoin in 2018: tips and advice

How to mine dogecoin in 2018: tips and advice

Table of content: 

  • Dogecoin Mining
  • Which pool should I choose?
  • Cloud mining for dogecoin
  • What needs to be done to extract cryptocurrency on a cloud resource?
  • The result

“How to mine dogecoin” became a very popular question. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin and named after Doge – dogs of the Siba Inu breed and an Internet meme. Dogecoins appeared in 2013 and differ from other electronic money in that Dogecoin has a relatively short period of initial mining. By the end of 2014, 98 billion units of cryptocurrency had been circulating. But in the future, the pace is likely to change: at the end of 2016, there were 107 billion coins in circulation amounting to $ 25 million.

The main advantages of dogecoin:

  1. Simplicity of mining, which any newcomer can handle;
  2. Minimum computer system requirements for good mining;
  3. Does not require any attachments and invitations;
  4. In just a few clicks, dogecoin can be converted into any other currency;
  5. New sites with cranes appear very often.

So, Dogecoin is a promising, rather actively developing cryptocurrency. Many people are interested in it, and the question arises: how to get it, except how to buy for blood dollars?

Dogecoin Mining

Mining of dogecoin is getting reward for choosing the right hash for cryptographic operation. That is, your equipment produces complex calculus to find the right key, and if you do it first, you will receive as a bonus – dogecoins. 
How to start production of DOGE? To begin with, you should know that there are several production options: 

  • In solo mode
  • In the pool
  • By means of cloud mining

For mining in solo mode or in a pool from your PC, you will need to sort out the equipment. The more powerful the PC, the faster you will achieve the reward, but also the more energy the computer will spend. Therefore, we need to find a balance here. Actually, mining in solo mode is no longer very effective, and the miners who deal with it are either newcomers who simply try themselves in mining, or geeks, who are interested in the process itself.

Either way, the extraction process can occur on a video card or processor. The last option is less efficient, so we will continue to consider working with the graphics processor.Which video card should I choose? One can immediately say that ATI have a higher performance than NVidia in connection with the hardware architecture: Ati has more shader units, and they are of better quality. Despite the fact that in “heavy” games the performance of the graphics processor is good for the products of both companies, it is better to choose ATI if you buy the equipment specifically for starting the production of dogecoins. 
To proceed to the most mining, you will need a special program:

  • Cudaminer for Nvidia cards
  • SgMiner or CGMiner 3.72 (specifically this version, the following will not work) for ATI.

To start any of these programs, you need to enter the address of the pool (in case you decided not to indulge in solo mining), the user’s personal data and preferences for optimal performance of the graphics chip.

Which pool should I choose?

How to mine dogecoin with pool? On the Internet you will find a huge number of different pools. We will not recommend any specific, let’s say only, that it is necessary to stop at large services in order to avoid opening one block by all forces for several days. Observe the balance between large and small pools.

Having registered on the selected site, it is necessary to create a “worker”. This is a special account for your PC, which will perform calculations. To create a orker, go to the appropriate tab and add Worker, giving it a name and password. In fact, this is a relative formality, and there it is enough to write “a” and “a”, since even if your account is hacked, then they will start mining on your account, and you will receive benefits.

Having added a worker, we recommend that you also set up automatic withdrawal of earned funds to the wallet. You can do this in the appropriate line on the pool site. In the same place, connect the auto-payment, so the money is calculated after reaching a certain amount.

Now it’s up to you: run DOGE mining. To do this, next to the executable file, you need to create a bat-file with any name.

The file should have something like this:

After the creation of this bat file, the production itself starts. Often, initially video cards do not work at full capacity, so to achieve optimal performance in the start line, you need to change some data.

To change the frequency, you can use the program Trixx or Afterburner. Pay attention that it is far from always necessary to increase the frequency of the graphics processor – quite often it will have to be lowered. To determine the parameters, you can use the special efficiency tables for specific settings – you can find them in a variety of forums.

What else needs to be understood while engaging in the production of DOGE, is its complexity and the reasons why it increases and falls. Let us give an example. One user mines some currency. Then all the coins from the blocks he reveals will be received by him. If 15 users are involved in production, the reward will be divided between each user, according to the power of each PC.

The peculiarity of mining is that, regardless of the number of workers participating in the competition for the award, the speed of opening new blocks does not increase. If one PC opens 10 blocks per hour, then a million connected PCs per hour will open the same 10 blocks. The network itself monitors its own performance and changes the complexity of mining. If the speed of opening one unit is 2 minutes, but the network performance suddenly becomes twice as large, then the next block can be solved not in 1 minute, but still in 2.

Cloud mining for dogecoin

Setting up and purchasing equipment for mining dogecoin is a time-consuming process, which not everyone can understand from the first time. In addition, the Mining Rig for the extraction of cryptocurrency in 2018 is a rather capricious thing, expensive and requires constant attention, because dogecoin mining should go around the clock. In the event of a power failure, the block solution stops, and the process must be restarted again.

So the most optimal option for dogecoin mining is the use of cloud services. Cloud mining involves leasing a number of capacities from a third-party company and extracting crypto-loans under a contract.

They are currently on the market – a great many. Everyone offers a fabulous profit without investments, however, it is worthwhile to focus on customer reviews, how long the cloud service on the market and what rental terms offers. Also it is necessary to familiarize with the commission for a conclusion of means for the purse. It is better, if at the same time, the possibility of instantaneous withdrawal of the enchanted dogecoin is effective. Such proven resources include, for example,, and others.

What needs to be done to extract cryptocurrency on a cloud resource?

First, to register, secondly, to choose a tariff plan based on the cost of a monthly lease, and thirdly, to determine the terms of the lease. It is more advantageous, of course, to engage in mining dogecoin for a long period – from six months to two years. In this case, it is possible to earn enough DOGE without significant investment. In addition, large resources usually provide discounts, if you buy out power for a long time.

The result

Dogecoin is a virtual currency, the interest to which disappears and reappears. The users of “dogemoney” mining were very popular at the very beginning, but now many have changed their choice in favor of other cryptocurrency systems. Dogecoin is quite problematic as a unit of payment, because it is not accepted in all payment systems. But still there are ways to convert the dogecoins into fiat money, or bitcoins.

Dogecoins are still popular and many are seen as a reserve asset, which is worth extracting in 2018. In any case, dogecoin does not lose value and is still supported by users. The answer for how to mine dogecoin we gave. The complexity of mining this crypto currency in 2018 also speaks for the growth in value – it is constantly rising, as in other currencies.

Therefore, experienced miners agree that dogecoin is beneficial to use as a kind of “stash” to earn on the growth rate.