How to make bitcoins without mining: two ways for free and for money

How to make bitcoins without mining: two ways for free and for money
  • Bitcoins from crane sites
  • What is bitcoin cranes?
  • What to do with earned bitcoins
  • How much do they earn on bitcoins

Bitcoins from crane sites

How to make bitcoins without mining? Many people ask this question. To earn bitcoins with a computer becomes more difficult. Just a few years ago, when Bitcoin was just beginning its “promotion”, it was possible for anyone to earn the average salary of an office worker. Now, with the advent of great competition, you have to come up with new ways of real earning a coin.

  • Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world. Today its cost is more than seven and a half thousand US dollars. Bitcoin is extracted in units called “blocks”. The reward for completing the block is from twelve and a half bitcoins.
  • Basically, bitcoins are produced by a mining method. But there are other options, to get the desired bitcoin.

Of course, it takes time to learn the process.
There are two main ways to get bitcoin it’s free – getting satoshi on websites that give them away for free. Such sites are called cranes. And the second way is to buy bitcoin on the stock exchange.
About the second method, we skipped in other articles in great detail, so now we will base ourselves on such a method of obtaining.

What is bitcoin cranes?

Bitcoin cranes in a nutshell, these are Internet services that give bitcoins to earn free for the performance of some action. It can be input captcha with a certain periodicity, bitcoin-lottery, browser games for rewarding bitcoins, etc. Typically, such services in one action give a reward of 300 to 1,000 satoshi, but there is a chance and as many as 500,000 satoshi get (for the ignorant, one bitcoin (Bitcoin) is made up of 100,000,000 satoshi, and 1 bitcoin for today costs $ 7600). It turns out one action at a cost of 1 000 satoshi will bring only a few cents, less than a ruble. But!!! If you constantly and disciplined press a button (to do the necessary action) in a period allowed by such a service (it can be ten minutes and one hour) for from twenty to thirty services, you can achieve tangible financial results per day.
How to make bitcoins without mining? Most popular Resources.
Moon Bitcoin – every 5 minutes, win satoshi (an average of 169 satoshi)
FREEBITCOI.IN – every 60 minutes and get satoshi (an average of 770 satoshi)
BITFUN – get satoshi every 30 minutes
BONUS BITCOIN – every 15 minutes we get satoshi
BITCOINKER – satoshi every 5 minutes
BIGBTC – every 5 minutes we earn satoshi
freeBTCWORLD – get satoshi every 30 minutes
OwnBitcoins – get about 200 satoshi every 60 minutes
MAFIACOINS – get up to 333 satoshi every 33 minutes
BITUNIVERSE – 40 satoshi every 5 minutes
HUEFAUCET – up to 40 satoshi every 5 minutes
BTCSAFARI – up to 100 satoshi every 15 minutes
BTCFforCLICKS – up to 100 satoshi every 5 minutes
CLAIMBITS – up to 50 satoshi every 5 minutes
BTC4FREE – up to 40 satoshi every 5 minutes

What to do with earned bitcoins

If you earned your first bitcoin, then the question arises: what to do with it at all? Before you start working, any server you want to register with will offer to open a wallet with which it cooperates.
This is absolutely the same system as, for example, if you paid the child for tuition through the partner bank of the university: the minimum commission or even its absence, and the money will be hundred percent. Many Bitcoin-cranes deduce the earnings automatically, if you entered your wallet number.
After the first cryptocurrency has been successfully earned, it must necessarily be withdrawn. Many advanced “workers” advise not to wait for doubling or increasing the exchange rate, but to withdraw the amounts immediately, because there is a huge risk of “burning out”.
Conclusion of bitcoins
Issuing bitcoins to an electronic account is legal. Unfortunately, you cannot cash this currency, but there have been cases when it was paid in online stores.
The following methods of obtaining cryptocurrency are available:
– You can withdraw through the stock exchanges.
Exchange systems flooded the Internet. They allow users to deal with the system of purchases and sales, as well as converting cryptocurrency (converting – the property of currencies to exchange among themselves). The commission on stock exchanges is the lowest, but you have to wait until your buyer finds a product for you. A popular exchange is a great chance to quickly exchange a coin. The most reliable exchanges are those that after registration are asked to make a deposit and undergo verification, and only after that they provide a complete list of operations.
– Exchange.
The most reliable and proven way by many people. Almost instant payments on the wallets you want. But of course, the exchanger requires a fee for its operations.
– Forums.
This is perhaps the most unsafe method of currency exchange. It is built through a forum on the complete trust of strangers to each other. And here the chance to become a participant in a dishonest transaction increases.
At specialized forums, it is possible to find a specific person with whom you will make a transaction, but it will take some time. The advantages of this option are the zero commission and instant exchange.

How much do they earn on bitcoins

The more people will be mined or registered on bitcoin-cranes, the less you will earn. Imagine a circle that is divided into ten equal parts. A circle is information that you need to process, and twenty bitcoins are paid for this processed circle.
Such as you – ten people, and when you process this circle, you will get into your wallet one-tenth of all money. And now imagine that another thousand people will know about this circle, so now the reward will be a thousand times less.
The bitcoin course is not provided for anything and is extremely unstable. It changes almost every hour. This is because its fall and increase depends only on two factors: buying and selling.
Example. If one person decides to sell ten bitcoins, the rate will drop low enough, and if he decides to buy them, the rate will increase. It also depends on the news. If a well-known newspaper writes about the fact that they want to block the cryptocurrency, then the rate will almost equal the minimum.
How to make bitcoins without mining? When considering mining in the variant of earnings on the cryptocurrency, the daily income will be about 600 rubles per day. And this is with the most powerful gaming computer. If you take a computer of average power, then the maximum revenue will be 50-60 rubles.
Alternative ways of earning on bitcoins
People do not really want to wait until their cloud mining is rolled out or a certain amount of Satoshi is found on the bitcoin-crane.
In order to earn 1 bitcoin per week, you can apply the following methods:
– Use doubles of cryptocurrency;
– Doublers act on the system of “invest – get twice as much”. In this case, you need to be careful not to jump into the pool with your head. Beginners who invest large sums to receive, as they think, the same cryptocurrency, remain with nothing;
– In case of “victory” over the doubler it is recommended to use only those servers that offer small percentages (2-3% per day). “Scroll” several times, money is also not needed. It is better to do this once, take off and invest the amounts further. So it will be more reliable, and you definitely will not “burn out”;
– The principle of doublers is based on the arrival of newcomers into the system, which invest money. Payments in this case to active participants continue. But such servers later turn into scams and are forgotten;
– Earnings on honest services are built not according to the pyramid principle, like future scams, but according to the principle of the work of deposits in official financial organizations, where a small percentage of the balance on the account is paid. In order to earn 1 bitcoin per week, you need to invest 15.


On bitcoin-cranes, there are small lotteries or casinos. With the accumulated amount of several hundred satoshi there is an opportunity to win in the casino and earn currency for free.


Traders do not want to earn one bitcoin per week. They want the same result in a few days or even hours. Trade takes place on a standard market system: we buy cheaper, and we sell more.
The exchange rate does not depend on any influences. The main task of the trader is not to panic when the rate starts to decline rapidly. Just wait until the price rises and sells again. For your patience you will get very decent money.
How to make bitcoins without mining? Choose a method that is convenient and you like. Be sure to create a purse for the output of bitcoins.