How to make a paper wallet for free and for yourself

How to make a paper wallet for free and for yourself
  • Creating a bitcoin-purse Blockchain
  • Creating new addresses
  • Import addresses from other wallets
  • Managing Bitcoin wallet addresses

Creating a bitcoin-purse Blockchain

How to make a paper wallet? How to look at the purse of the bitcoins, we have already found out, now it remains to figure out how to create it altogether. Surprisingly, even given the simplicity of service, for many, this process causes significant difficulties. That’s why we will now understand how to create a new wallet as quickly and efficiently as possible:
– Step one – go to the official site Blockchain.
– Step two – in the top menu there is a point “Wallet”, which you need to choose.
After that, you will be automatically redirected to the registration page of the bitcoin-purse. By the way, it can be written in English, but it’s easy enough to understand, because the information is standard.
Then you have to choose one of two options: Create a Free Bitcoin Wallet (it can be translated as “create a free bitcoin-wallet”) or (in the center of the page there is a button) Create Your Wallet (this can be translated as “create your wallet”). That’s only if you will create your bitcoin-purse in info, whatever icon is selected, it will redirect to the same place. The word “free” here, rather, just a beautiful formulation: the wallet in any case will be completely free.
A dialog box will open in which you must specify the information required when creating the account. Typically, they request the following: an e-mail address, and in order for the resource to work properly, it is desirable to have mail on Google. Naturally, there must be a password. Remember: the security of the wallet depends on which particular character set you use, but in Blockchain passwords consist of at least 10 characters (letters and digits). And to check the correctness of writing a password, you must enter it again. After filling all the fields, agree with the conditions of the system and click on “Continue”.
A letter with confirmation of registration will come to the indicated e-mail box. Thanks to him your e-mail will be verified. This is an easy, but necessary measure of security. So when, when you open the letter, you will find the Verify Email link, go to it.

Creating new addresses

How to make bitcoin paper wallet? In fact, every time you receive or send funds, a new purse address should automatically be generated. This provides new opportunities for the user, making it as private as possible. But there are cases when it is necessary to generate a new address, so to speak, out of turn. In this case, you need to go through the following procedure:

  • So, the first step when creating a new address in your wallet is to sign in to your account;
  • Once you are authorized, you will see the tabs. You need to go to “Address Management”;
  • To get the update, click on “Create new”;
  • How to send bitcoin from paper wallet? After that, the number of titles available to you will appear, among which you can choose the appropriate one. You can choose several – each of them will be working. There are no restrictions on the number of the system.

Create bitcoin paper wallet? As for the labels for new bitcoins, they are easy to get by clicking the blue pencil icon that is to the right of each address. The same label can be deleted if you click on the trash icon in the same part of the page. So, as you can see, getting a new bitcoin address is not difficult, just like managing it.

Import addresses from other wallets

To begin with, we will deal with concepts. So, imported addresses are numbers created on other purses. But they are used on this account in Blockchain for the convenience of the client. As a rule, they are located at the end of the general list of account numbers. So if you already used a virtual wallet for crypto currency, but now switched to Blockchain, you can transfer the old custom code to the newly created page and use it too.

To do this, you need to go through the following procedure:

  • Press the “Address Management” key. It is located to the right of the “Imported addresses” icon. After that, you will see a screen of current data;
  • Then click the “Import addresses” option. It allows you to get both public, that is, open, key, and personal, which was used on the old resource;
  • If you do it right, the user imports the private key. Then this information will appear in the item “Addresses for expenses”. As for importing a public bitcoin address, it can be found in the list “Addresses only for viewing”;
  • Go to the “Addresses for expenses”. There are already working variants of bitcoins-addresses. But they are no longer interesting to us – we are looking for the More Options button;
  • Switching to it, the user will see the following options: “Archive”, “Show private key”, “Transfer imported funds to any account in your wallet“, “Sign message”.

If the import was done solely for convenient viewing, you can see the transactions of the bitcoin address and even trace when it is replenished or there is an expense, but you cannot perform other manipulations. This is easy to fix, though, with one small detail – a personal access key.
Paste it is easy. True, before that you need to find out how to find out your bitcoin-purse number in the locker. When you try to carry out the transaction from the imported wallet, an additional field will appear, which must be filled with the personal access key from the considered depository. When this is done, the funds can be transferred anywhere, which saves time and is very convenient.

Managing Bitcoin wallet addresses

If you have a bitcoin, then there must be a private key. It is closed and not accessible to everyone. Thanks to him you can fully manage the system. But each address has the opening keys that you can use to transfer funds. It can be passed on to people to make transactions and do not worry that the bitcoins will commit a hacker attack on the repository.
What is the address used for and what are its properties? System of purse:

  • Can automatically manage your addresses;
  • Accept payments transferred by another person;
  • Used to transfer funds from it to another account.

To increase its level of security, the system is capable of generating an infinite number of options. Each of them is unique and is created automatically with each financial transaction, making the process of transferring money from one user to another as secure and anonymous as possible.

However, the user can manage the system differently:

  • Create a new address. In principle, this is done automatically, so the owner’s participation is not required.
  • Import the already familiar bitcoin-address from another blocking wallet.
  • To perform archiving of old bitcoins-addresses that have not been used for a long time.

But for this it is necessary to find out how to find the bitcoin-address Blockchain, because information about where to look bitcoin-address blockade, not everyone knows, even if we talk about experienced users. But in fact, everything is simple, since this data is generated automatically immediately after the purse is created.
If in more detail about where in Blockchain to look bitcoin-address, then it can be done in the personal cabinet after you have made all the necessary settings to ensure the work of the resource:

  • First you need to go to your account;
  • Then click on the “Get” button;

A new window will appear where the bitcoin-address of Blockchain will be located. But all the data that are located here – individual. Because each time a new code is generated.
In addition, the address can be accessed in the form of a barcode. This code is scanned using a smartphone on which Bitcoin is installed. If you generate many addresses, no one will guess that it is working with the same person, which makes the system not only anonymous, but also very convenient, as it will be impossible to track the funds.

In my account there are the following tabs:

  • Home page;
  • Transactions. This is a section in which you can find the history of all operations, about sent or received bitcoins;
  • Security Center. The place where the user can configure the protection of the wallet. However, for beginners only a part of the options is available here;
  • Settings. In this place, original addresses are created. In addition, you can modify the currency reflection (BTC), change the language, change the contact e-mail or make changes to the security settings;
  • FAQ. Menu with questions and answers. True, it is available only in English, which makes it a little more difficult to work with.

In general, it is quite easy to manage the system.
How to make a paper wallet? To make the purse you need, follow the instructions and you will achieve the desired goal.