How to invest in bitcoins: in just three simple steps

How to invest in bitcoins: in just three simple steps

The craze around cryptocurrency is lasting for over a year already and you ask yourself: how to make money with bitcoin? People are making billions, everyone is doing it: even Mr. Smith could raise an extra thousand dollars, so it shouldn’t be that difficult after all! That’s true, getting involved in the cryptocurrency field is no rocket science. Before we start with the life hacks, just listen to our advice. You should be aware that there are people operating in this field for years already: these sharks surely know how to invest in bitcoin better than you do. There are fraudsters all over the internet selling coins that never bring profits, mining machines that don’t work properly and ICO scams that will never return any money. Therefore it is very important to be all set up and ready that literally anything could happen in the crypto digital wild west.

Step #1. Study the subject

In the first place you need to know what is cryptocurrency and how it works before you start questioning how to make money with bitcoins. Here is a bunch of sources that should help you out:

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Step #2. Choose the best investment opportunity

Now when you have studied the subject and feel ready to earn some money, it’s time to select the best tool for earning some dollars. Let’s go step by step: the easiest way of how to invest in bitcoins is simply buying them! You need to chose which bitcoin wallet you will need for storing the cryptocurrency you will get for the fiat money. We highly recommend to pay attention to details: the exchange rate the companies offer, the security regulations the wallet’s may have, the fees and commissions you would need to pay. Moreover, fintech companies in the cryptocurrency field explain clients how to invest in bitcoin and offer new solutions for gaining extra money: earning percents by saving with bitcoins. In any case, we highly recommend to check if the wallet can be tied to your regular credit card for passing transactions and cash withdrawal from ATM. If you are specifically buying bitcoins your investment is likely to be profitable: bitcoin remains the strongest coin on the market with the most stable price.

The hardest way of how to make money with bitcoin is mining. Bitcoin mining is a difficult process. To mine bitcoins you would need specific hardware which will have big computing power – the consumption of energy is likely to by very high. You would also need to study the process of the hardware and software installation, its support and administration. Start with reading some forums and studying the CPU topic at least. If you ask us how to make money with bitcoins, the answer would be: first invest in the hardware.

Step #3. Seek for new investment opportunities

After you have earned enough bitcoins and you have studied this field of business, you may try to seek for exciting ICO projects and make investments with bitcoins by buying tokens. We have created a special ICO guide to help you navigate in this new area of the fintech world and we make ICO listings that feature the current and upcoming projects. We’ve given a general outline of how to invest in bitcoins and it’s up to you to choose the best tool!