How to buy Litecoin and why you should do it now?

How to buy Litecoin and why you should do it now?

Last weekend extremely successful trend raised a question how to buy Litecoin: for 2 days the rate of the cryptocurrency rose more than 60% and reached a maximum around $ 160. Like any similar pamp, this event caused a lot of interest among the cryptocurrency traders, and we drew attention to an interesting theory that arose on Reddit.

Some users believe that the take-off of the Litecoin course is directly related to the problems of withdrawal of funds from one of the largest exchanges, the Bitfinex cryptocurrency. All week long, users of the exchange complained that they were unsuccessfully waiting for withdrawal for several days. Two days ago several users wrote that the conclusions in Litecoin are processed more quickly than in other cryptocurrencies, which could cause a sharp surge of interest in this asset. And it is quite anticipated that users start thinking how to buy Litecoin.

One of the Reddit users wrote: “For two days I tried unsuccessfully to withdraw BTC and IOTA, until I read that someone advises me to translate everything into LTC, which I did. My application for the withdrawal of 30 LTC was processed within 10 minutes !! “

Other visitors to the site quickly responded to this message and wrote that they themselves started buying up Litecoin.

“I agree. He did that too. Everything was taken out within an hour, “one of them writes.

“Yes, in my case it worked too. Thanks for the advice!! We withdrew in 5 minutes, “- wrote another.

Bitfinex said that the delays were related to the attack, the initiators of which place a huge number of small applications for input and withdrawal of funds. Later, the exchange said that in the coming weeks it will not process applications for withdrawal less than $ 250.

So we advise you to think about the necessity this cryptocurrency and the way how to buy Litecoin in advance.