How to buy Ethereum

How to buy Ethereum

The article is about:

  • Cryptocurrency Ethereum
  • Choosing an Ethereum-wallet
  • How to recharge the wallet Ethereum
  • Exchangers
  • Verified exchangers
  • Buying an Ethereum on the exchange
  • Direct translation
  • How to Sell an Ethereum

Ethereum is the second in terms of capitalization and one of the most popular crypto-currencies in the world. Its acquisition can be an excellent asset for many years. In order to understand how it is most profitable to buy a cryptocurrency, read our step-by-step guide how to buy Ethereum.
Today, the ether is no longer something mysterious, but a familiar “substance” that is mined, bought and sold. To buy a broadcast is now as simple as paying them for anything. The launch of the ETH crypto fuel was one of the most anticipated in 2015. Now, many hundreds of users around the world are mining the Ethereum. Whole farms have been created. Ether reached the exchange mark of $ 835, some assurance that this is not the limit! What will be next?
Next – a new era! The age of digital exchange of currency and bad is the user of the XXI century, who will not acquire savings in the crypto currency Ethereum.
Investing in crypto-currency assets brings in 10 to 1000% of profit per month.
To buy the Ethereum will not be difficult. It is the same currency as bitcoin, dollar or ruble. If you already have electronic purses, or at least a bank card, you can easily buy the air for your own purposes.

Choosing an Ethereum-wallet

In order to buy Ethereum, you will need a purse for storing crypto currency. Choose the most suitable option for you and install it on your computer, download the application or register an online wallet. It’s quick and easy. Detailed instructions for choosing and installing a purse for Ethereum can be found here.
Please note that you can buy the air for any amount. All depends on the minimum deposit, set by your chosen exchange or exchanger.

How to recharge the wallet Ethereum

So, we have a purse and there is an amount that we want to spend on the purchase of a crypto currency. Where to buy the Ethereum? There are several options:

  • Online exchangers;
  • Crypt exchange;
  • Exchange with other people for fiat currencies.
  • Let’s consider each of these variants separately.

You can buy crypto currency from people who are engaged in its extraction. In this case, the commission for the purchase will be minimal – 1-5%. This is done by any trusted exchange with experience in the market from 1 year. We propose to pay attention to the Russian-language EXMO exchange – there is no commission for entering ETH, and the output is only 0.01 ETH.


Most of the exchangers cryptocurrency allow you to buy Ethereum for Visa or MasterCard. This is the most common way to buy.

Also exchangers support other payment systems:

  • Online banking;
  • QIWI;
  • Yandex money;
  • Perfect Money;
  • Skrill, Paypal, Payza, Payoneer and other payment services.

There are even directions for the exchange of cash on the crypto currency. For example, this exchange service operates in the market of Kiev and allows you to buy and sell the Ethereum for cash, and also to create pairs and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, ADVcash, PerfectMoney, Neteller, and Privat24.

Verified exchangers

Coinmama Indacoin AlfaCashier Paxful
Commissions Low Medium Medium Low
Min. deposit No No 40 $ No
Russian language Yes Yes Yes No
English language Yes Yes Yes Yes
Currency Support BTC ETH BTC ETH
Visa / MasterCard Yes Yes No Yes

 To register on the exchange it is enough to enter login, e-mail, password. To make an exchange, you need to go to the desired tab and select currency exchange. The money will go to the exchange account, where they can be withdrawn at any time.
Before you buy Ethereum, check the rate and conditions of the exchanger.
The rate in online exchangers is worse by about 1-1.5% than in the market, that is, on crypto-exchanges. And finally, there are numerous commissions that necessarily “bite off” a significant part of your funds. The advantage of this method is that it is the simplest, fastest and most suitable for beginners.

Buying an Ethereum on the exchange

The second way to purchase the Ethereum is through specialized exchanges. The exchanges are called trading platforms for crypto currency. This is the place where you can buy the Ethereum cheaper.
When buying is better to look at exchanges with the lowest rate. So we can buy Ethereum at the best price. Below you can see a comparison of the most popular exchanges:

Checked Exchange Crypto-Currency LiveCoin EXMO BitSane
Commissions Low Medium Medium Low
Min. deposit $ 100 No 1 $ -10$ 10 $
Russian language Yes Yes Yes No
English language Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interface Simple Simple Simple Simple
Visa / MasterCard Yes No No No
Currency of input  








The exchanges are designed only for currency exchange. Often, they are used to withdraw earnings to a bank account or other financial accounts. Also with the help of them, you can pour money on any stock exchange or service.
From the advantages of buying on the stock exchange: you have the opportunity to purchase a crypto currency at a flexible rate. The cost of ETH varies greatly, so it is possible to conclude a deal on better terms.
If you need to buy the air quickly, try to work at a market price. Often, it is automatically indicated in the order cells.
When you withdraw the crypto currency, only the network commission will be charged to the wallet.

How to buy Ethereum for Rubles?

On some exchanges, for example, CEX.IO and Livecoin, you can buy an Ethereum for rubles, and EXMO supports buying for UAH.

Direct translation

It is not necessary to write off and such variant, as direct purchase Bitcoin. If you conduct such a transaction with your friend, it is enough simply to agree on a convenient method of payment and fix the course.
Using the above methods, you can buy Ethereum in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or any other country in the world.

For comparison of methods of purchase we will consider the table:

Method Advantages Disadvantages Commission
Swap – Wide range of services;

– There are sites for monitoring exchangers and courses;

– Automatic exchange is available;

– Regular customers offer discounts;

– A wide range of payment methods.

– The exchange rate in exchange services is lower than the market rate;

– Limited reserve of exchange offices;

– Additional commissions may be added;

From 10 to 12% depending on the exchanger and the payment method.
Exchanges – High reliability of exchanges;

– A wide range of limits on buying and selling;

– Good changing course;

– It is possible to work with other pairs of fiat currencies and crypto currency.

– A limited number of payment methods;

– The mechanism of work unclear for beginners;

– Commission for the transaction;

– Verification (bank transfers) and delays associated with it.

From 0% to 10%, depending on the method and currency. Up to 0.3% per transaction.
Direct transfers – You can agree on a conventional method;

– Contractual rate.

– Fraud;

– Time costs for negotiations;

– Time spent on finding the second party to the transaction.

No (negotiable)

Exchange crypto currency provides an opportunity to open a purse. Often, you can get about ten different wallets for different money. Having got your wallets, you can immediately buy, sell or exchange currency. You can also trade your currency on the exchange. Often, services have mobile applications and a lot of various built-in services.

How to Sell an Ethereum

Our instructions for buying the Ethereum can easily be turned into an instruction for its sale. You can sell the Ethereum in the same places where you bought it:

  • Exchange services;
  • Crypto-exchange;
  • “From hand to hand.”

You need to do everything the same, only vice versa. On the crypto-exchange or in the exchanger, you need to search for a pair of ETH-> USD / EUR / RUB / UAH, or find a person who wants to acquire a few ETH.
And you can use ETH as payment in various online and offline stores. What can I buy for the Ethereum? Everything from the glasses to the real estate.

General conclusions:

To understand how to buy Ethereum, first you need to get a purse;
You can buy crypto currency on the exchange, in the exchanger or with the hands;
The most profitable option is buying on the stock exchange.
Do not give anyone a password from your wallet.