How to buy crypto with credit card? All available ways for you

How to buy crypto with credit card? All available ways for you

There are several ways to get cryptocurrency, and buying is one of the easiest because anyone can buy crypto with credit card right now. However, these transactions will no longer be completely anonymous, like transferring from one bitcoin wallet to another one or monero transactions. In most cases, when you buy virtual assets for fiat money, you need to register on the special services and identify your personality.

Table of content:

  • The best selling cryptocurrencies and their benefits
  • TOP-5 exchanges for the purchase of digital assets
  • How to register on the service for making payments
  • Step-by-step manual guide for beginners

What currency is best-selling and why?

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin goes first in the number of cryptocurrencies, which are increasingly consumed and sold. The second in the list is Ethereum, which is not only a monetary unit, but also an effective payment system, as well as the base for smart contracts. A high level of capitalization, the presence of all cryptocurrency exchanges without exception, the largest rating among users and experts are the main reasons that determine the popularity of these assets.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are more often represented in the currency pairs on the exchanges, and even the smallest and new services actively trade these positions. For BTC and ETH you can buy any other cryptocurrency, exchange it for fiat money and withdraw to cash. Also for these virtual money tokens are sold. They are internal assets of ICO projects, which will become a full currency in the future and bring income again on the exchange or within the framework of the realized idea.

Buy crypto with credit card on the TOP-5 platforms

Not long ago purchase of bitcoins, paying off with credit or any other bank card, debit or prepaid, was unreal. Currently, a large number of organizations sell bitcoins for funds placed on your bank accounts. The purchase is made quickly enough, so this method is good when you urgently need the cryptocurrency. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that the fees will be rather high.

So, you decided to buy crypto with your card. Now it remains to select a service that will allow you to do this. Pay attention to the legislation of your country of residence. In some states there is a strict ban on operations with the digital assets, and in order not to get into trouble, first find out this important fact. The same goes for companies that provide the opportunity to buy bitcoins. Some of them are banned in certain states, for example, in the USA.

Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrency. Professional support for users is available in 30 countries! For purchase you can use both credit and debit cards. Transactions are made by standard bank transfer, as well as through SEPA, etc. Thanks to the support and the clear interface, even novice traders will be able to use the services of an online broker. However, with all the benefits of Coinbase there are some disadvantages. Bank transfer is carried out within five days, and with the slightest suspicion of fraud, the system user's account is blocked.

Coinmama is noteworthy that its services can be used by customers around the world, but you should know that fee is 6%. This rate is one of the highest among Bitcoin-brokers but customers appreciate its high limits. Buying bitcoins in an equivalent of up to 150 USD can be done without identification, that's why the platform is popular for those who buy cryptocurrency in small amounts and want to do it quickly. Interestingly, Coinmama only sells the crypto, but if you want to sell digital assets yourself, you will have to look for another service. Also, the platform is not an intermediary and trades in its own cryptomoney.

BitPanda is a convenient service for the purchase of bitcoins, the startup of which was initiated in Australia and then registered in Vienna (Austria). The company attracts customers with relatively low fees and high limits. The purchase is made through the standart bank transfer, and also with the help of SEPA, SOFORT, Giropay, etc. Initially, the exchange was created for customers from the European Union so that they could freely and comfortably buy Ethereum and BTC. At the moment, in addition to the above-mentioned coins, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin are being sold and bought here. The system accepts Visa / MasterCard, transaction through bank transfers, uses Neteller, Skrill payment systems.

CEX is an excellent place to buy bitcoins both with credit cards, and through ACH, SEPA transfers, Astro-pay and even cash. Purchase with the card is instant. The exchange actively serves customers in the US, Europe and even in South America. Visitors are attracted by a low commission, which is 0.2%. The service has a reliable reputation and is one of the safest, however it is achieved by complicated methods, primarily for customers. First of all, you will have to go through the identification procedure that includes your passport data as well as the photo.

Coinhouse is a European service for the purchase of bitcoins. The system accepts both credit and debit cards 3D Secure Visa or Mastercard. You can also buy digital money using some prepaid cards. Those who are planning to buy a crypto with a credit card on Coinhouse should know that fees here are rather high. The limits are also high, so you can rely on the transactions with large amounts. The platform is under the direct control of Bitcoin Embassy, ​ and this fact increases its trust rating and guarantees a safe cooperation. The exchange is protected from hacker attacks by storing of the main assets offline. The Coinhouse customer service offers users the opportunity to apply if there is a problem. Also, the service representative responds to the Bitcointalks forum.

Registration and identification

Registration on a service that provides an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency is not difficult and is similar to the processes that are provided on other Internet sites. You will need a permanent email address, login and password. Many services also require a mobile phone number to improve the security of users’ accounts.

Verification data include your name and surname, address of residence, age, and the date of birth. To confirm this information, the service asks you to download the document scans. First of all, this is a passport, or, if the administration of the resource allows, a driver's license. The term when the document expires is important. To verify the address, a payment for utilities receipt will be useful.

Also you will have to provide your bank card number, its security code, create a bitcoin wallet and copy its address when filling out the special form. Many exchanges give additional recommendations to use hardware wallets or a certain wallet, for example Blockchain or Electrum.

Buy crypto with credit card: step by step instructions

After filling in the profile and uploading the documents, you will need to wait from several hours to several days (it all depends on the service). Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you can immediately begin work. All resources are trying to make the interface more convenient and understandable even for those users who first encountered the need to buy bitcoins. Pay attention to the list of jurisdictions where it is not possible to use the services of the service (list of countries and some US states)

  • In the corresponding section "Buy Bitcoins" you need to specify "credit card" in the payment method.
  • Verify your personality as it is described above if you have not used this service yet and wait for confirmation by email.
  • Make a transaction in the form of a payment processing, which will open when the “Make Payment” function is activated.

As you can see, anyone can buy crypto with credit card. It's no more difficult than paying for a mobile service or making a purchase in an online store. The main thing is to carefully enter the data and ensure that your information is true; in particular, the name of the cardholder must coincide with that indicated in the documents.