How to buy bitcoin with paypal? Tips and advice

How to buy bitcoin with paypal? Tips and advice

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  • Where to begin?
  • VirWoX
  • Wirex

Bitcoins, despite their short history, became main digital currency, today users are interested to buy bitcoin with paypal. This currency is calculated for various goods as well as services, they are invested to increase their own capital. Today everyone can purchase Bitcoins in various ways. However, many users at first are confused by them and experience quite understandable difficulties with the purchase of cryptocurrency.

We learn how you can buy Bitcoin with a help of PayPal and what services will help in carrying out such an operation.

Where to begin?

Firstly it is important to create a personal Bitcoin-wallet. Otherwise, you do not have a place to display as well as store acquired cryptocurrencies. It is possible to merchandise Bitcoins from currency exchanges, sellers, exchangers. However operation can be accompanied by a rather high commission. It is associated with additional risks of the exchanging process caused by impossibility of canceling Bitcoin transactions, while the usual transactions can be canceled by payment systems. Today many ways exists to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. Let’s consider top of them.


Virtual World Exchange or Virtual exchange VirWoX for today is the most convenient resource for Bitcoin exchange on PayPal. True, such a transaction can not be carried out directly. To begin with, you need to buy a Second Life linden, abbreviated SLL. And after this they can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

Usually, after registration on the resource, it takes several days, before the user can replenish his wallet and make exchanges in a different direction. However, after the first replenishment, all further operations are carried out immediately. Another drawback of this method of exchange is the high commission of the exchange. But, notwithstanding the listed shortcomings, VirWoX continues to stay the most comfortable service for buying Bitcoin.

Here you can find an instruction to buy Bitcoin with PayPal:

  • A head page of VirWoX must be opened and push on the registration form.
  • Fulfill in the appropriate forms your credentials, including the e-mail address, after save your data.
  • After this operations, the system will send a temporary password to the specified mailbox. It is considered valid for 24 hours from the receipt. It is necessary to change this password to the valid one at the specified time. Otherwise, user account will be vanished by the platform administration.
  • Acquisition can be done using a link sent to the mailbox. It is necessary to enter your own profile and activate the “Change settings” option, which is in the side menu on the left.
  • Enter a new password, which is permanent now. Choosing a password, take care of its reliability, because this depends on the safety of your money. A good password must contain combinations of letters and numbers that do not need to repeat the user’s name or date of birth. It is desirable that they have a different register

.• Following move is introduction of means to your own deposit account. You need to press a button “Deposit” on left-hand menu party and scroll downwards, with the aim to choose the way of the payment. In our case choose PayPal.

  • It is important to write how much currency you want to have in your wallet, and to press “To issue order with the aid of PayPal”. Your accounting record will be provided with balance of deposit account, amount of which will be equal to the amount which you made, minus system commission (2,9% + 0,30 dollars for transaction).
  • As direct exchange PayPal on Bitcoin is absent, paying attention at the currency of your deposit, press “dollars / SLL” or euro / SLL”, as you want to buy lindens Second Life. After exchange by the system at the top of screen you will see your balance in the linden. The stock exchange commits exchange instantaneously.
  • After the exchange of PayPal to Bitcoin with cross-transactions help is completed, it is advisable to transfer the purchased Bitcoins to the personal purse of the cryptocurrency. Those who perform such an operation for the first time will have to wait 2-3 days. But subsequent transactions by the system will be executed instantly.

For new users, the exchange has a limit of $ 88 per day, or $ 261 per month. However, these limits will be increased, if the user will often make transactions on the exchange on the input / output and currency exchange.


There is another opportunity to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. It can be made with the aid of platform Wirex and virtual card Visa E-coin. At once it should be noted that for today this method, unfortunately, is not available for all users.

A function is supported in those PayPal accounts registered in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Georgia, Turkey and some other countries. The full list includes about forty states.

To acquire Bitcoin with PayPal, the next steps should be done:

  • Own accounting record in the system Wirex.
  • Account PayPal, registered in one of listed above countries.
  • Visa E-coin card.

To receive permission for execution of transactions, Visa should contain amount of money, at least 3 dollars. Before operation you as well should fill up your accounting record PayPal.

Service Wirex allows you to purchase Bitcoins with PayPal without commission, but the system PayPal for each operation on removal of the means accounts for about 5 US dollars.

So, in should be mentioned to buy Bitcoins, you should apply the following algorithm:

  • Order and you get a virtual card Visa E-coin.
  • Then open an accounting record in PayPal and adhere card to your accounting record. You will need section “Money”, choose function “To add card ” and press button “To add another card ”.
  • In the opened form enter information of card, personal data, place you live and you will preserve changes.
  • Service PayPal will ask you to confirm accuracy of the information entered by you. After depression of the button “To confirm card” system will execute operation of acknowledgement of the card. Then, if amount on the card accounts for less than 3 US dollars, service will refuse to accept card.
  • Than to finish process of check, system will request an acknowledgement code. Enter your accounting record of Wirex, proceed to the section “Operation with card ”, where four-unit code will be located. Copy it and, returning to PayPal page, insert code to form. After code will be accepted by the system, the card E-coin will be considered to your accounting record pegged to this service.
  • Then you should fill up balance of the card Visa. To do this, in the section “Means exit” in service PayPal choose function “Removal of the means to card ”. Indicate the amount which you want to transfer, choose card E-coin from the list of cards and press “To continue” button. Minimum amount which can be removed, accounts for 10 US dollars. At such amount service PayPal will keep commission. Processing of payment for the first transaction will rather extended, and money will be enlisted to card during 5-7 days from the moment of acknowledgement of the transaction
  • In this way you can complete the exchange of PayPal to Bitcoin. In the Wirex account, click “Buy Bitcoins” button. The minimum amount that can be purchased is 0.01 Bitcoin. Write the amount of currency that you want to merchandise, and click “Continue”. A service redirects you to a new tab to confirm the transaction. Check all the information on the page and complete the exchange with the “Confirm” button. After that, a letter will come to the e-mail address with a notification that the goal has been achieved and you managed to buy Bitcoin for PayPal.

Given PayPal system popularity and increasing demand to buy Bitcoins, Bitcoin’s conversion operations on PayPal will be carried out increasingly and to buy bitcoin with paypal will be much easier. This popular payment systems have already introduced Bitcoin and other varieties of cryptocurrency into the list of payment instruments. This will greatly simplify the conduct of transactions. The number and volume of transactions using alternative monetary units are steadily growing and promise a significant increase in the revenues of online exchange services.