How to buy bitcoin in US quickly and easily

How to buy bitcoin in US quickly and easily
  • Forums and online communities
  • Exchanges and exchange offices
  • The main services used in the US
  • How to create a Bitcoin purse

How to buy bitcoin in the US? Where can I buy cryptocurrency? It is this issue that people who live in the US are asked to buy cryptocurrency. There are three ways with which you can buy a digital currency:

  • Purchase of coins on forums and online communities;
  • Purchase of cryptocurrency from friends or acquaintances;
  • Purchase of a digital currency by means of special exchange offices or exchanges.

We will analyze each of the above options in more detail.

Forums and online communities

The first method is the purchase of digital currency from users from forums and online communities. On such resources, you will always find a large number of people who are interested in selling coins to other users at market value or often below it.

Before buying a currency, you need to discuss the exact details with the seller of coins, namely:

  • How many coins you will buy;
  • Cost;
  • Where to transfer the seller money.

After clarifying the details, provide your wallet number so that the seller can send you coins. In 10-50 minutes after sending, the cryptocurrency will come to your wallet.

Using this method, follow two rules:

  • Do transactions only with those sellers who will provide links to previous sales. Otherwise, you can fall for the ruse of the swindler. This event rarely occurs, but there is a place to be;
  • You should always be sure that you are buying coins at a normal rate.
  • If you follow these simple tips, the deal will pass quickly and calmly.
  • Buying coins from friends or acquaintances

This option is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that you do not need to search for users who sell cryptocurrency. Write to a friend, specify all the details, tell us the purse number and buy the necessary coin.

Exchanges and exchange offices

  • How to buy bitcoins in the US? The safest and most commonly used method for beginners is the purchase of coins on the exchange site of crypto-currencies.
  • If you choose one of the large and reliable resources, then you cannot doubt the speed and security of transactions. All you need to do is select the site to your liking (or one of the recommended ones) and create an account. Usually, registration takes only a couple of minutes, so you can start working quickly.
  • Next, you need to download money to your account, this can be done using various payment methods, such as credit cards and bank transfers. Money transfer can take from several minutes to several days, depending on the method you choose.

As soon as the money reaches your account, proceed to the next and final stage of the process of obtaining coins. You need to choose a cryptocurrency and determine the number of coins and the price. After you solve all these factors, place the order in the system. Once the order is processed and the system is found for you by the seller, you instantly receive the coins in your account.

The main services used in the US

How to buy bitcoins
The choice of how to buy bitcoins depends on several factors:

  • Required amount;
  • The possibility of identification;
  • Physical location of the user.

Currency exchange

  • Virtual exchange points allow you to exchange bitcoin for fiat money and back using popular payment systems. Most exchangers work with Qiwi, Webmoney, bank accounts and cards, and in some large cities with cash. To buy bitokoyin it is enough to indicate your address in the system, enter the required amount and go through the verification of the mobile phone number.
  • The current list of exchange points with reviews and current rates can be found on the site The main drawback of the exchangers is the availability of limits on the maximum purchase of bitcoins.


  • The international service, located at, is a platform for direct interaction between sellers and buyers. The site acts as a guarantor for p2p exchange: for each user, a bitcoin address is created, the money on which is frozen until the transaction is confirmed by both parties.
  • By the number of supported payment methods LocalBitcoins is not inferior to virtual exchange points, and the rate in this system is often more profitable. To pass the basic verification, you must enter the mobile phone number.
  • Important: LocalBitcoins is blocked on the territory of Russia. To access the system, you need to use a VPN or proxy.

Currency Exchange

Many crypto-exchanges support the replenishment of balance with the help of fiat money. The choice of a particular option depends on the country of residence and the willingness of the user to undergo a complex verification process.
You can buy bitcoin for rubles on the following exchanges:


It is noteworthy that you can refill the balance with the help of some payment systems on YoBit, Livecoin or WEX without complete verification.
You can buy BTC tokens for dollars on Western exchanges. In this case, the balance is replenished by bank transfer. Let’s list the most popular exchanges where you can buy bitcoin for CIS residents:

  • Bitfinex;
  • Bitstamp;
  • Kraken.

To replenish the balance on these exchanges requires verification. In general, this process is reduced to sending scanned copies of documents confirming the identity and address of the user’s residence. Each exchange establishes its own list of necessary documents, but in most cases, it is enough to have a passport and bank statement.

Results, Feedback, and Perspectives

  • The status of the world’s first cryptocurrency gives Bitcoin a number of significant advantages. Unlike most digital assets, it is not only an object of investment but also a real means of payment. For several years, some companies and individuals have taken bitcoin to pay for goods and services. States and central banks are increasingly openly discussing the possibilities of using this system in everyday calculations.
  • Bitcoin’s weakness has been the problem of scaling: the system has not been able to cope with the flow of transactions for a long time, which provokes the growth of commissions and delays in confirming payments. It is this problem that users most often complain about.

How to create a Bitcoin purse

To send funds and view balances, you use wallets-programs or services that implement an interface for accessing system functions. In the case of Bitcoin, all wallets can be conditionally divided into three types:

  • Programs that require installation on the user’s computer. This category includes the official wallet Core, as well as alternative customers Electrum, ArcBit, BitGo and a number of other applications.
  • Online purses available through any web browser. The most popular representative of this family is the service.
  • Hardware wallets are physical devices that connect to a computer via a USB port, for example, Trezor or Ledger Nano S.

Bitcoin Core:

  • The best option for most users is the official Bitcoin Core client. This is the most secure and functional wallet, running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Before installing, you need to take care of the available hard disk space, since the program completely loads the block computer on the user’s computer. As of November 2017, a minimum of 153 gigabytes is required to store the database, and with time this number will only increase.
  • Download the latest version of Bitcoin Core on the official website in the downloads section. The site will automatically offer the appropriate version, so just click the “Download Bitcoin Core” button.
  • American company Xapo attracted $ 20 million of investments from Greylock Partners and Index Ventures, thereby increasing its total funding to $ 40 million.
  • Such a significant investment makes Xapo the most expensive Bitcoin start-up to date. In the previous investment round, held in March 2014, the company also raised $ 20 million, and among the investors were Fortress Investment Group and Ribbit Capital. All funds stored in Xapo are insured in Meridian Insurance.
  • In June this year, the company issued a debit card Xapo, which allows you to pay bitcoins from the purse-bound Xapo Wallet. Thus, the company’s customers can pay with bitcoins around the world, the company claims since when carrying out transactions using standard banking terminals, bitcoins will be converted into local currency.

How to buy bitcoin in the US you will understand, sat down learn the exchanges above and will pass a simple registration and will open an account.