How to buy a bitcoin in Canada

How to buy a bitcoin in Canada

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How to buy a bitcoin in Canada

How to buy a bitcoin in Canada? Based in Toronto, the company announced that the project will be implemented through the release of new bitcoin-cards, which can be purchased at outlets throughout the country. Decentral’s Canadian hub of decentralized technology will soon provide an opportunity for residents of the country to buy bitcoins in regular retail stores. The cards will have a denomination of 20, 50 and 100 Canadian dollars, for which already money will be loaded. Convert dollars into bitcoins will be available on the website Decentral.
As they say in the company, until the end of February the scheme will be launched in several provinces of Canada, and until the end of the summer should cover the whole country.
Bitcoin today is the largest “shadow” payment system in the world. The size of the market is not difficult to calculate, you just need to multiply the number of coins bitcoin by their price. Now in the world there are just over 11 800 000 coins bitcoin, and their number is growing evenly.
Today bitcoin accepts many shops, bars and restaurants around the world. This is the case, because the operational costs for bitcoins are much lower than, for example, with bank cards.
In Canada, launched a whole network of Bitcoin-ATM RoboCoin. Finally, bitcoin was recognized by serious investors. American investment company Second Market has opened the world’s first trust fund, which uses exclusively bitcoin. And although the Winklewoss brothers, the very “co-invented”, still have not launched their widely announced bitcoin-fund, but this is a matter of time. I am sure, soon there will be other funds and services working with Bitcoin. Thus, bitcoin will stand in line with serious financial instruments, and it will no longer be a toy for computer “geeks”.
However, Bitcoin is not the only crypto currency, it’s just the first crypto currency, which has gained wide popularity, and at the moment it is BTC that are the most popular and expensive coins, however, not the fact that it will always be so. Bitcoin clearly showed the world that peer-to-peer networking technology can be used not only for file sharing, as Bit Torrent does. The peer-to-peer encrypted computer network technology without any common center offers interesting opportunities in financial applications that were not previously available. Until bitcoin, there were no payment systems without a central regulator. Because bitcoin has no central server, there is no control here.

How to buy bitcoin Canada

The excitement around Bitcoin has not ceased for several months all over the world and Canada is no exception. Anyone who has not managed to invest earlier, at a more favorable price, wants to do it in the very near future, because the price for this crypto currency is constantly growing.
It’s easier to buy Bitcoin through vending machines, however, it’s slightly more expensive, since you will pay another service charge for the transaction. In the end, you can make a deposit either to your USB crypto or to your online wallet.
It is also worth considering the fact that if you make a mistake with the purse address, then you cannot recover lost Bitcoins, despite the presence of a check.
There are two ways: to choose an exchange of exchange, which inspires you with greater confidence or find machines selling Bitcoin directly in the city, the map of which you will find below.
Local Bitcoins is a specialized service where you can find buyers and meet with them to buy bitcoin. The most suitable and common method for buying bitcoin is buying cash in cash at a personal meeting. However, users can place orders indicating the most suitable currency pair.
Buying bitcoins at personal meeting with the guarantee Local Bitcoins – a wonderful way to prioritize bitcoins BTC in Canada.


  • Personal, fast and relatively simple to buy bitcoins
  • Personal meetings where you do not need to disclose personal information
  • Buy bitcoins occurs very quickly thanks to cash.


  • Be afraid of scammers, observe the specified rules of service!
  • Compared with large exchangers, it’s a bit more difficult to buy large amounts of bitcoins
  • Prices may vary from market prices from slightly to highly overstated

How to sell bitcoins in Canada

To sell bitcoins is much more difficult than buying. There are several basic ways to sell bitcoins, almost all of them do not like selling through the Internet. Creating a direct deal with the buyer bitcoin. To do this, you need to go through the registration on the site, specify your personal information.
Also, bitcoins can be sold in Canada through online exchangers. In this case, the transaction is directly with the service itself, and not with another person. New uni-directional trading platforms unite owners of bitcoins with people who want to purchase electronic currency.
You can also sell bitcoins on a specialized Internet exchange. To do this, you also need to register and provide your data, but the transaction itself is much easier.
The exchange bears the role of an intermediary, which controls the means of sellers and buyers. The sellers indicate the requisition for sale to them, write the amount, currency and value. When a customer appears, the service will automatically perform the sale operation.
Bitcoins will be transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account, and the seller receives money. The disadvantage of this method is that when selling bitcoins for ordinary money, the amount received will have to be deducted to a bank account. If the exchange lacks liquidity or problems with banks, the withdrawal process may take a long time. You should carefully study the service with which you intend to work, before transferring money. Examples of online exchanges are Circle, Kraken and Bitstamp. In addition, there are exchanges, where you can change only digital currencies.
This method is used for arbitrage purposes or if the store accepts other crypto-currencies (for example, Bitcoin Shop now accepts lightcoins and dodgoccoins as payment for goods). Examples of such exclusively crypto-currency services are BTER, CoinCorner and Cryptsy. Some services charge a commission. For example, BTC-e retains from the seller 0.2% of the transaction amount. Compare the amount of commissions on various crypto-currency markets and the volume of trades can be, for example, on the websites of Coin Compare and Bitcoin Charts. Another subtlety is that exchanges limit the maximum size of the account (over time it can vary). In any case, it is unreasonable to store your money on the account of the exchange service, although for speculation this may seem the most suitable option. You are responsible for your own money – large amounts should be stored on personal devices or offline, because even the most reliable Internet services can one day be hacked.

How to get bitcoins Canada

In order to get bitcoins in Canada, you need to register in the Internet a purse for buying bitcoins. The wallet itself is needed for currency exchange, purchase and sale, as well as for its storage. The address of the purse should be indicated when the bicit is taken from the exchange. It consists of 33 or 34 characters and letters. You can get it for free, but you need to know the client software for storing the virtual currency.
After creating a purse, you need to fill it with virtual money, or cash in an ATM specializing in accepting funds for buying bitcoins.
And then you can exchange your funds for bitcoins. You can buy not the whole bitcoin, but its part: half, quarter or other part.

Best place to buy bitcoin Canada

  • Bitcoin cards in the country’s stores are 20, 50 and 100 Canadian dollars;
  • In new ATMs for the purchase of crypto currency;
  • Large Exchange LocalBitcoins;
  • Services Kraken, and Coinbase;
  • Online platforms QuickBT and;
  • And also exchanges working with such currency as the Canadian dollar.

How to buy a bitcoin in Canada? Canada is an important center for buying the sale of electronic currency bitcoin.