How to backup bitcoin wallet in the world of the Internet

How to backup bitcoin wallet in the world of the Internet

How to backup bitcoin wallet? To create and restore bitcoin purse it is enough to follow simple rules and follow certain steps. Use of wallets in which you store your bitcoins is necessary for all transactions and transactions related to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. Keep all data associated with your wallet. In the article you will find a lot of useful information on the purse bitcoin theme.

Table of content:

  • Creating a backup wallet
  • Rules for creating a storage Bitcoin
  • The sequence of actions should be as follows
  • Recovery of the purse Bitcoin

Creating a backup wallet

Creating a backup wallet will help you avoid losing access to your funds.
The process of creating a backup purse is described in detail in the Security Center Guide, where you can find detailed instructions with screenshots illustrating each step. A brief description of this process can be found below.

  • To copy your wallet, go to Settings> Security, on the right “Backup phrase.” You can take advantage of the proposed printable recovery card or create your own.
  • Click on the “next step” and start recording the phrase. Each step shows you 4 words. Write them down and make sure that you recorded them absolutely correctly and in the same order. To go further, click on “the next 4 words. Continue until all 12 words have been recorded.
  • Next, click on the “last step”, you will be asked to enter a few words from the recovery phrase to make sure that you have correctly recorded them. Click on “finish”. Now your wallet has been copied.
  • Please keep in mind that the recovery phrase does not restore funds on imported addresses. If you have the tools that were stored on imported addresses, and you want them to be recovered too, use the “Transfer All” option to the right of “Imported Addresses,” to transfer them to a common purse.

Before you start earning or buying Bitcoins, you should take care of creating a purse. There is no need to hurry – it is important to choose a reliable storage that will help to cope with the task, ensure the safety of the funds and the possibility of their recovery. Below we will review the main rules of using a wallet – how to make a Bitcoin purse, what programs can be used here, and how to remove, or how to restore the Bitcoin purse.

Rules for creating a storage Bitcoin

Today there are two methods how to make a Bitcoin purse:

  • Put a separate client program on your PC, configure it and use the provided features;
  • Use third-party services to store funds.

Client programs.

  • When choosing this option, it is worthwhile to be prepared personally to be responsible for your money and ensure the safety of funds. You can download the necessary software on the official resource of cryptocurrency – So the choice is offered a lot of different storages, among which are MultiBit, Armory, Bitcoin Core and others.
  • Each of the presented options is interesting in its own way. Below, we will look at how to make the Bitcoin purse using the example of the most easy-to-use MultiBit client.

The sequence of actions should be as follows

  • Download the program from the official site, which was mentioned above;
  • Run the software installation. If the Java program on the computer is not installed, then this work should be done. The system will prompt you to go to the appropriate site, then follow the instructions;
  • Further continue the installation of the program, which will require several times to click the “Next” button;
  • Now the customer is installed and you can go into the Bitcoin purse. Its big plus – in the presence of Russification, which simplifies the use of the repository of Russian-speaking users. To view or create an address, just go to the Bitcoin purse and click on the corresponding section “Create an address”. However, please note that the number of addresses themselves is not limited – they can be several dozen;
  • Now you can think about how to transfer money to the Bitcoin purse. Here, the following options are possible – through the exchange, through the exchange office, through direct exchange and so on. Note that after the transaction is completed, you will not be able to return the funds (even if you enter the wrong address).

How to backup bitcoin wallet? Before you start working with Bitcoin-wallet, it is worthwhile to understand the principles of storage of funds and ensuring their safety. In particular, all the data about the keys are in the file with the extension “wallet”, which must be protected from prying eyes. The minimal thing you can do is put a special password.

Here, take into account two points

  • The password must be complex (with letters, numbers and symbols);
  • Just write it down so you do not forget it. Otherwise, information on how to restore the Bitcoin purse may not be useful (money will be lost forever).
  • Let’s look at how to work with the Bitcoin purse from a security perspective. Here the following requirements should be taken into account:
  • Be sure to install the antivirus.
  • Do not go to suspicious sites.
  • Do not install a suspicious software.

The best option is to create a virtual machine inside the system and go into the Bitcoin purse just through it. This approach will ensure the security of all operations performed and protect the storage from outside interference. It is worth noting one more thing – how to remove Bitcoin-wallet in case of need.

Here everything is simple

  • It will be enough to uninstall the client program from the computer and clear the purse folder on drive C. You can find this information here \ Documents and Settings \ … \ Local Settings \ Name of the client \. Also, before you remove the Bitcoin purse from the PC, make sure that the keys are safe or that there are no tools in the vault.
  • Online services. Another option to create a wallet Bitcoin – the use of third-party services. Here there are many options – exmo, coinbase, instawallet, blockchain and others.
  • Before you transfer money to a new Bitcoin purse, deal with the principles of the service, the security measures taken, the possibilities of recovering and removing Bitcoin-purse. How to do this is described in a special section of the service.
  • Plus opening a wallet on a third-party resource – the ability to forget about security problems – this work is taken care of by professionals. On the other hand, there is always a risk of getting caught by intruders.

Recovery of the purse Bitcoin

Many users of the presentation do not have how to restore the Bitcoin purse when data is lost or PC problems occur.

Here it is worth considering several points

  • All information regarding the transfers, the volume of the crypto currency, address and purse itself is in a special file wallet.dat. It can be found if you go along the path C: / users / appdata / roaming / The name of the crypto currency (actual for Windows 7).
  • Before you start working with Bitcoin-wallet, you need to find this file and copy it to a safe place. Such foresight will save important information.
  • To restore the storage that was saved in this way, it is enough to reinstall the client program and replace the program created by the program with one that was saved earlier. After doing simple manipulations, you can see personal history, wallets, addresses and, of course, money. This method of recovery is considered the most simple and effective. So before you start using the repository and transfer money to another Bitcoin purse, you should transfer the file to a remote device.
  • There is another option for saving the wallet, which is more complicated, but at the same time not less effective. Here the sequence of actions is as follows:

Keep the wallet.dat file mentioned above in a different folder or on an external storage medium.
Enter the wallet, then – into the storage console and set the following order – dump priv key .
Here you will see the answer in the form of a set of numbers and letters – this is the real key number. For example, it can have the form ReavHQGBYeVsJq68nyUnTnDM2YR5fMHREyg6koUHjhyhWTgzhJ6EuM. This information should be kept secret, because with this key you can access the store and money. This text should be removed as far as possible or printed. Even if something happens with the purse file, there will always be a backup at hand, which allows you to restore your wallet.

The process of recovery itself follows the following algorithm

  • Install the purse. The empty file wallet.dat is created in the automatic mode.
  • Start up the program.
  • Go to the console and set the order import priv key

Wait until the transfer of all blocks is completed. That’s all – personal funds are restored. It is important to take into account that with this method of recovery, information about the cryptocurrency, which was earned in solo, may be lost. Therefore, before saving the key, you need to transfer funds to the new storage, then save the private key. In this case, you can save all the coins. By following these rules you will understand how to backup bitcoin wallet.