Health industry. ICO overview

Health industry. ICO overview

Blockchain technologies are spreading not only into digital world. Now it affects almost every field of human activity. This year brings new opportunities for a large variety of medical enterprises in the United States which are likely to influence the health industry around the world. Blockchain solutions open opportunities for new players on the market. In this article we will overview four noticeable ICOs within the health industry.


Period: 17/07/2017 – 31/08/2017

The Bowhead ICO is among the biggest ICO projects connected with the healthcare industry. The ecosystem offers different services including a Test Cartridge, a test reader, a dispensing device, and spherical gels. The service is supported via mobile app. The main objective of the service is to perform personalized medicine services and supplements on the basis of biometric data collected from the customer. Tokenholders can use the application for tracking their health condition, securely store their personal data and provide access to specialists. The team of developers of the ecosystem consists of qualified doctors, scientists as well as experienced developers of software and robotic products.


Period: 13/09/2017 – 13/10/2017

Ambrosus introduces an ecosystem which uses all the advantages of blockchain technologies to improve global supply chains. The idea is to create the service for controlling the process of product distribution on every stage starting from manufacturers to end consumers. Ledgers ensure secure storage of data and easy access for participants of the project. The Ambrosus platform will contain information on the origin of different products as well as their ingredients. The main focus of Ambrosus if food together with pharmaceuticals. The service aims to become the reliable intermediator between all the participants involved in the supply chain: manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and retailer. Smart contract system implemented into the platform will ensure the transparency of the process, costs reduction for marketing and distributional purposes. Angel Versetti, the Chief Executive Officer of the project, has invaluable experience in asset management as well as cryptocurrency trading.


Period: 31/05/2017 – 3/06/2017

The total amount of money collected during the ICO is over $7.2 million, while sum of issued PTOY tokens of the project exceeded 70 million. The idea behind the Patientory project is to develop a blockchain-powered service acting as a medical record storage. It intends to reduce costs of IT services for companies and establishments within the healthcare industry at the same time offering providers necessary instruments for data collection as well as interaction with patients. The power of Ethereum is used by the platform to ensure the security of clients’ health information, providing access to computing powers and servers by the means of private infrastructure. Users of the service can create their accounts, where the user can track doctor visiting, overview medical payments, store personal data connected to healthcare, insurance together with prescribed medications. The team working on the project consists of experts both in the healthcare and the business industry.


Period: 30/08/2017 – 30/09/2017

Litra represents a blockchain-powered project with the intention to provide access to electronic health records. The Litra ICO is focused on the Americans. After the start of the initial coin offering the project has raised over $7,1 million. Thanks to the Litra project medical organizations will get access to the EHR without paying additional costs for adopting EMR/EHR infrastructure systems. Litra offers an application which can be used for collection of industry database as well as provision of information about health products together with drug prescription. The system supports payments in the internal platform’s currency and USD. The leader of Litra, Matt Abbott, is an experienced developer working on a large range of projects from google Inc. Sergey Akayev leading the department of Technologies and Cryptocurrencies is one of the co-founders of highly popular BitcoinCreditOne.